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When racist violence can be ignored

So profound is the hypocrisy of the mainstream media in the English-speaking world that racial violence against a significant but still small minority in a major Western city has been ignored. The big rally against persecution by Chinese in Paris and its unpleasant aftermath seems not to have attracted a single report in English. The report below is a rough translation from a French source

Thousands of Chinese marched Sunday in the Belleville district of Paris to protest against the violence which they say targets them, an event that ended with a few skirmishes.

Approximately 8,500 people, according to police, took part in the march organized by a group of Franco-Chinese associations between rue de Belleville and the Place du Colonel Fabien in a neighborhood transformed last ten years by an influx of new Asian immigrants. According to organizers, it is the largest event ever held in this community in France.

"Make Belleville a peaceful neighborhood," chanted the demonstrators, alternating whistles and slogans in French and Chinese and wearing t-shirts and stickers on which were inscribed the words "Safety for Everyone".

"We decided to take to the streets after an assault at a wedding banquet in Belleville recently" said Huong Tan, a spokesman for the group, worried that the situation will deteriorate "If the authorities do not react". For the first time, he said, "People from the community have responded to violence with violence. We do not want that to happen again."

For several months, according to the collective, assaults and violent robberies targeting Asians have been increasing in eastern Paris. "The attackers are often groups of young people who live here," says Huong Tan.

Several protesters explained that Asians are "prey" to their attackers. "At our weddings, they are attracted by the fact that we do not give material gifts but give money," said one trader who says he sees petty crime in the surrounding shops "several times a day".

A florist in the area underscores the vulnerability of certain members of the community: "Those who do not speak French or do not possess valid papers will never complain."

In the crowd, a young man shows off a photo of a woman's face swollen. "Last Sunday, she received a bowling ball in the face because she did not want to give her money to an assailant," said Shi Weiming, who works for the establishment of an association defending the victims.

The mayor of the twentieth district, Frédérique Calandra, encouraged the community to better organize: "We must have contacts," she said.

The group calls for "concerted and coordinated action" by the prefect of police and mayors in this area -- which straddles four districts -- to "strengthen the security features and prevention.

"If the problem persists, we will be even more at risk," warned Chan Sing MB, the president of the collective, whose remarks were translated by a spokesman.

The event, which was joined by the adopted daughter of Jacques and Bernadette Chirac, Anh Dao Traxel, of Vietnamese origin, broke up from 16:30.

Clashes erupted, however, "between fifty young participants at the event and a dozen young people outside the train station, after which which three individuals were arrested, police said.

According to testimony gathered by the AFP on the spot, the incidents were caused by the theft of a bag from a protester.


There is quite a lot that is "politely" ignored in the report above by Agence France Presse. That it is overwhelmingly blacks and Arabs who are the attackers, for instance. A really gross omission however is that, after the rally, Asians were attacked throughout the city on their way home -- by blacks and Arabs. There is some video of that below.

YouTube link here. The video was taken by Arabs who appear to be laughing as they watch Chinese being assaulted.


The Beijing People's Daily now has an English-language report of the matter -- but again studiously ignoring the racial dimension of the matter.

No principles among Britain's centre/Left either

Despite their sanctimonious pronouncements. After the brutalities of Communism, one doesn't expect much of far-Leftists, but the centre/Left is pretty bad too

Well, we all knew the Lib Dems were besotted with voting reform - but who would have thought they'd take the infatuation quite this far? The Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Chris Huhne, has admitted to having a long- standing affair with Carina Trimingham, the campaigns director of the Electoral Reform Society.

Huhne's passion for changing the voting system would appear to have given a whole new meaning to the word 'coalition'. But single transferable partners are most definitely not on most people's agenda.

After 26 years of marriage and three children, Huhne now says he is leaving his wife, Vicky. Which would seem to be news to Vicky, since reportedly the first she heard about her husband's affair was when a Sunday newspaper got hold of the story.

Yet despite cheating on his wife and then dumping her so peremptorily, there wasn't a hint of contrition from Huhne. Not a mumbled scintilla of regret for ending his long marriage, nor of appreciation or concern for the wife he had betrayed. Instead, merely a pompous announcement that he was 'in a serious relationship with Carina Trimingham and I am separating from my wife'. The implication was that he was separating because of the 'seriousness' of the relationship with his lover.

But it seems that he decided to separate only because, after some absurdly banal cloak-and-dagger tactics to conceal the affair, his infidelity has finally been outed.

This is a shoddy way to treat his wife - who was herself divorced with two young children when she married Huhne. He has refused to say whether he was responsible for the break-up of her first marriage shortly after she met him.

Once upon a time, a minister would have resigned his post after the revelation of such despicable behaviour. But as has been commented on by others, now it is the wife who has to resign.

Huhne is trying to take shelter behind the hoary old excuse that his private life has nothing to do with his political career. Yet this same Huhne used his family life to promote that political career. Only last spring, a leaflet sent to constituents in his marginal Eastleigh constituency featured pictures of his wife and children with inscriptions such as 'getting married does not seem like 26 years ago' and: 'Family matters to me so much. Where would we be without them?' Yet when he distributed these leaflets he had already long been cheating on his wife. What rank hypocrisy.

True, the Lib Dems have explicitly refused to support the values of marriage, extolling instead 'lifestyle choice' - otherwise known as the right to personal irresponsibility.

Yet only four days ago, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg - who once modestly confided he had slept with 'no more than 30' women - was forced to support David Cameron's pro-marriage agenda when he wrote: 'I know from my own life that a happy marriage and healthy children matter more than anything else . . . When marriages and relationships break down, a child's whole world can collapse too. Strong, stable and loving families are the cornerstone of a happy childhood.'

Oh dear. Just when Clegg had dumped yet another Lib Dem shibboleth, he was left with his trousers round his ankles. It seems the philandering Huhne had kept his leader in the dark, too.

In any event, the argument that politicians shouldn't be judged by their private lives really is a turkey. If someone cheats on their spouse, betrays a solemn pledge and causes pain to dependents, we must assume they may do the same to their constituents or their country. If Huhne's wife can't trust her husband, why should we?

And while we're about it, let's remind ourselves that he hardly emerged from the great expenses scandal smelling of roses either. Despite the fact that he owns no fewer than seven houses and is one of the richest members of Parliament, he claimed £5,066 for painting work on his garden fences and chairs and £119 for a mahogany Corby trouser press - which he later repaid 'to avoid controversy'.

For a party that came to power on the basis that it was offering a new politics of integrity, honesty and transparency, the shine is coming off the Lib Dems faster than off a guardsman's boot in a farmyard. The only reason they could pose as squeaky-clean was that until they suddenly became part of the governing Coalition they were considered so irrelevant they were never held up to scrutiny. Now they are finally being exposed to the public glare - and what an unlovely sight they are.

A mere three weeks ago, their superstar David Laws had to resign his brand-new post as Chief Secretary to the Treasury after it was revealed he had paid some £40,000 of taxpayers' money in rent to his secret gay lover. An attempt was made to shield him too behind the 'private life' defence on the spurious grounds that he was being victimised because of his sexuality. But, of course, the real issue was dishonesty.

Then there's the Lib Dems' breathtaking opportunism and cynicism. Last week, Nick Clegg used a major speech on the economy to warn that any course of action other than slashing public spending would be 'irresponsible' and would 'condemn ourselves and our children to decades of debt, higher interest rates and fewer jobs'. Yet this is the same Nick Clegg who, right up to the election, was bashing the Tories for planning to slash spending, warning that early, deep cuts would be 'economic masochism' and could even lead to 'Greek-style unrest'.

Now, he says he's changed his mind after a long conversation with the Governor of the Bank of England. Presumably, the fact that having got his feet under the Cabinet table he is deeply reluctant to leave it has nothing at all to do with his Damascene conversion.

In fact, it seems there are no lengths to which these Lib Dems won't go to gain power and keep it. At the election, Huhne told voters that the only way to keep the Tories out was to vote for him. Benefiting from the fact that 5,085 Labour voters switched because they didn't want to see a Cameron government, he won by a majority of 3,864. And yet now he is said by his leader to be the tenth most powerful member of a Conservative-led government.

With two scandals in three weeks and with policies being junked with impunity, it's as if the Lib Dems are in a speeded-up film. Having been out of power for more than a century, they appear to be determined to make up for lost time in showing they can match both Tories and Labour when it comes to sleaze and opportunism.

New politics? It's deja vu. The ironies multiply the more you think about it. Here is David Cameron obsessively driven by the need to obliterate from the public mind the image of 'Tory sleaze' derived from such serial scandals as Steven Norris's five mistresses, Tim Yeo's lovechild and David Mellor's 'toe-sucking' affair.

Turning disadvantage into an opportunity, Cameron seized upon the enforced coalition to use the Lib Dems as human shields of niceness and decency behind which he could cut public spending without attracting opprobrium. Yet now, instead of bedding down with people as woolly as their jumpers, Cameron finds he is shacked up with a party apparently determined to win the World Cup of sexual and financial sleaze.

You'd have to have a heart of knitted organic yoghurt not to laugh.


The antisemitism of Fidel Castro

Never mentioned by other Leftists or the MSM (but I repeat myself), of course

“The hatred felt by the state of Israel against the Palestinians, is such that they would not hesitate to send the one and a half million men, women and children of that country to the crematoria where millions of Jews of all ages were exterminated by the Nazis,” wrote Fidel Castro last week in his fiefdom’s press. “It would seem that the Fuhrer’s swastika is today Israel’s banner.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor was quick to respond: “With these outrageous comments, Fidel Castro shames his old-time companions and the ideals he always pretended to serve. Che Guevara must be spinning in his grave.”

How’s that again about Che Guevara, Mr Palmor?

Mr Palmor was kind enough to communicate with your loyal servant here and explain that his comment regarding Che Guevara was ironic--a jab at Fidel Castro. Great. The world needs many more such foreign ministry officials. But for anyone who got the impression that Castro’s “anti-Zionism” popped up last week, or that Che Guevara would have quibbled with his puppetmaster’s sentiments, here’s some history

Condemn me, it doesn't matter," declared Fidel Castro during the trial in 1953 for his failed Moncada putsch, "history will absolve me."

"You may pronounce me guilty," declared Adolf Hitler during the trial in 1924 for his failed Rathaus putsch, "but the eternal court of history will absolve me."

Coincidence? Perhaps. But many of Fidel Castro’s high-school and college classmates recall the well-thumbed copy of Mein Kampf Castro often carried at the time. In fact his title of “Lider Maximo” perfectly mimics the German term Fuhrer, except Castro had to one-up even Hitler, stressing the “maximum.”

A few years after his trial (and pardon by Batista!) Castro’s July 26th terrorist Movement adopted the red, black and white of the Nazi flag as its colors. Coincidence? Perhaps.

In 1966 Havana hosted the Tri-Continental Conference, a worldwide convention for guerrillas and terrorists. Here Castro vowed to aid any group anywhere who were fighting”colonialism, neocolonialism, and imperialism."

“The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves!” read Che Guevara’s Message to the Tricontinental Conference (Che himself was whimpering and licking his wounds in Tanzania at the time after his comical stomping in the Congo.) "We will bring the war to the imperialists enemies’ very home, to his places of work and recreation. Thus we’ll destroy him“

Continued the message from the icon of flower children. “We must keep our hatred against them alive and fan it to paroxysms! These hyenas (Americans) are fit only for extermination. Hatred is the central element of our struggle!..Hatred that is intransigent …Hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him violent and cold- blooded killing machine. We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism rivers of blood must flow!”

In attendance and( presumably) joining in the whooping 'hollerin ovation that greeted this message by the icon of peaceniks, was Abu Ammar (later known as Yasir Arafat) and Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (later "Carlos the Jackal.")

Among other initiatives at the Tricontinental Conference, Cuba set up massive terrorist training camps in western Cuba under the direction of KGB Col. Vadim Kotchergine. These were soon filled with guerrillas and terrorists from Al Fatah, to the Sandinistas, to El Salvador's FMLF, to the Tupamaros to the Weather Underground. With his contacts well in place, in 1968 Castro sent military instructors into Palestinian bases in Jordan to train Palestinian Fedayeen. The Egyptian newspaper Ahar Sa'ah reported in September 13, 1978 that 500 Palestinian fighters were training in Cuba.

The Yom Kippur War really got Castro’s martial juices flowing. So he sent 500 of his crack Tank commanders to man 500 Soviet T-55 tanks and buttress the crack Syrian stormtroopers poised to Blitzkrieg into Israel through the Golan heights. Within a week of its surprise Blitzkrieg into Israel, the Syrian regime was scrambling to evacuate from its own capital. An Israeli force (a tiny fraction of the Syrian/Cuban forces size) counterattacked, blasted Castro’s tanks into a smoldering scrap pile and rolled over them like a speed bump on the way to envelop Damascus.

“It’s OK, Fidel,” Assad might have moped. “It’s the thought that counts, buddy.”

The following year Castro personally decorated Yasir Arafat with Cuba's highest honor, the Bay of Pigs Medal. “Comrade Fidel said that the Palestinian Revolution can count on the full support and aid of the Cuban Revolution!" exulted Arafat. “We are not alone!”

Scholar Walter Laquer sums it up in his work, The Age of Terrorism. "Multinational terrorism reached a first climax in the early 1970s. It involved close co-operation between small terrorist groups in many countries with the Libyans, Algerians, Syrians, North Koreans and Cubans acting as the paymasters and suppliers of weapons and equipment."

And lest we forget, the famous UN resolution in 1975 branding “Zionism as Racism” was co-sponsored by Cuba. At the September 2001 United Nations “World Conference against Racism” conference in Durban, South Africa, Castro denounced, “Israel’s ongoing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the cartoons that run in Castro’s media say it best.

In 1974 the PLO opened their first Latin American embassy. Can you guess where? Right, Havana. And “President Fidel Castro, added a cheeky little twist to the event. The site for this embassy was a Jewish Community center that flourished during the reign of the unspeakable “dictator”( as known throughout the MSM) Batista, who never saw fit to a lay on finger on anyone’s property. But “President” (as known throughout the MSM) Castro snatched it from its Jewish owners at Soviet gunpoint. The title transfer whisked through in typical Castroite/Stalinist manner (resist and we shoot you.)

During the mid 60’s Castro’s police and military herded tens of thousands of Cuban youths (long-hairs, rock &rollers, gays, religious) into forced labor camps at Soviet bayonet point. No pesky trials determined this, but their collective “crime” was “delinquency.” Che Guevara, “the Brains of The Cuban Revolution” (as Time magazine crowned him in a 1960 cover story) decreed this system of forced labor in 1960 for any and all who proved insufficiently reverential to his revolution’s mandates. “We send to Guanahacabibes people who have committed crimes against revolutionary norms,” explained Guevara. “It is hard labor. The working conditions are harsh.”

Alas, Che Guevara’s definition of “revolutionary norms” proved pretty sweeping. And the regime co-founded by this icon of freedom-mongers commenced to jail political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin's and murder them at a higher rate than pre-war Hitler’s. Above the barbed wire and just below the machine guns on the watchtowers, these prisoners saw a huge sign as they entered. “Work Will Make Men of You,” It read.

The greeting at Auschwitz’ entrance read, “Work Will Make You Free.” Coincidence? Perhaps.

For some reason, 90 per cent of Cuba’s Jews saw fit to flee Castro’s Cuba, at the cost of most of their earthly belongings. That’s a much, much higher percentage than fled Czarist Russia. But Castro’s Pogrom’s didn’t include racial epithets, you see. Castro’s Russian-armed “interventors” pillaged Cuban Jews’ savings and property —but quite professionally and with nary a bullwhip or racial insult. So apparently this looting disqualifies as a pogrom. Move along, folks. No “hate-crime” here!

"The eight most important hours of my life." That’s Shoah founder Steven Spielberg recalling his meeting with Fidel Castro.


Thought crime marches on in Britain

Leadership of small political party threatened with imprisonment by Equalities Commission

The “Marxist scumbags” at the Equality and Human Rights Commission EHRC have launched an attempt to imprison the leader and deputy leader of the British National Party and cause the total destruction of the party, Nick Griffin MEP has announced.

“I don’t mind going to prison, but we cannot allow the Marxist scumbags at the EHRC to destroy everything that so many people have worked for,” Mr Griffin said in a special BNPtv interview recorded for his Chairman’s Update email circular.

Mr Griffin discussed a new dossier of complaints the party has received from the EHRC which was a continuation of the case which that body had previously launched against the BNP.

He pointed out that the core of the new dossier contained some of the most outrageous allegations yet, including one that the BNP’s new constitution was “difficult to find” on the BNP website.

“This is an application to seek the ‘committal’ of the defendants, which means sending them to prison,” Mr Griffin said, adding that the BNP was going to defend the action which sought the ultimate sequestration of the party, but that it would require the assistance of every BNP supporter to do so.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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