Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The Mother of All Confabulations goes back to 1986. That's when feminist Phyllis Chesler alleged in her book Mothers on Trial that divorcing fathers win child custody in 70% of cases. Never mind that the actual number of fathers winning custody was only 15%. And don't worry that Chesler's conclusion was based on a sample of 60 discontented women referred by feminist lawyers -- still, it made for a great story.

A decade later, the National Organization of Women was beginning to run out of real issues. So it set out to invent new outrages calculated to rally the faithful. In 1996 the N.O.W.-nincompoops passed a resolution that repeated Chesler's bogus 70% custody figure. Then they added a new twist, claiming that patriarchal oafs who wanted to stay involved in their children's lives after a divorce represented an "abuse of power in order to control in the same fashion as do batterers." How's that for high-decibel gender-baiting?

That claim may have succeeded in swelling the N.O.W. membership rolls, but it still needed some scientific apple-polishing. So they brought in the Wellesley Centers for Women, a group with an impeccable reputation for research integrity. Well, almost. It was the WCW, of course, that had earlier published that fraudulent fiction of female academic underachievement, How Schools Shortchange Girls. And sure enough, the Wellesley women delivered. In 2002 the WCW published "Battered Mothers Speak Out: A Human Rights Report on Domestic Violence and Child Custody in the Massachusetts Family Courts." People were ecstatic because the report vindicated everything that the N.O.W. had been saying.

Take look closer, and you see the WCW report is based on interviews with a small group of 40 Massachusetts women. Worse, the report lacks any objective proof of their allegations of rampant legal bias. Which once again proves you can reach almost any conclusion, just so long as you're allowed to hand-pick your subjects and don't ask too many hard questions. Soon, the whole M.O.M. Squad -- Joan Meier, Jay Silverman, Lundy Bancroft, and others -- was singing the Chesler catechism. Take a look at what they pass off as "research," and you'll see they all reference each other in an ever-expanding circle of self-serving citations.

Most disturbing of all is the tale of sociologist Amy Neustein. She was one of the featured speakers at the M.O.M. conference that was recently held in upstate New York. Last year Neustein wrote a piece in The Jewish Press alleging her ex-husband sexually abused their daughter Sherry. Neustein won lots of sympathy points telling people she lost the custody battle due to a "malfunctioning court system that punished me for trying to protect my daughter from abuse." But a few months later Sherry, now a graduate student in New York City, came along with a rather different account: "She would begin by telling me a sordid -- and false -- story about my father, such as a detailed account about how he had molested me or about how he had thrown me violently against a wall.. The truth, however, is that my father never sexually abused me."

And let's not forget Sadiya Alilire, the woman who was portrayed in PBS' Breaking the Silence as a heroic mom who was done wrong by the legal system -- but was later outed by court documents proving her to be a serial child abuser.

But 20 years after Phyllis Chesler made her preposterous claim, her siren call of family destruction continues to make the rounds. Worse, the Mothers Opposed to Men are on the offensive, setting up websites, attracting sympathetic media coverage, and lobbying state legislators. This time, it's not persons' money that's at stake. It's our families that need to be shored up, and our children who desperately need their fathers. Remember how the Great Society evicted fathers from their homes and turned Black families into wards of the government? That's what the M.O.M. Squad has in mind for the rest of us.


A Homophobe Comes Out: Free at Last!

A satire with a Point

I was once afraid people would find out I was "different" (know what I mean?). I am really angry at having to keep all those feelings pent up all those years. Angry at those who put me in this straitjacket, and actually even angry at myself. But I recently heard about a new theory that I have come to accept as fact: there is a gene that makes people like me, see? I know it because I feel? And I know liberals will be able to appreciate this, because there is not a shred of evidence for it, just my feelings.

In retrospect, I guess it all started at Uncle Wilber and Aust Selma's farm, the summer Mom got TB and my parents were too busy with doctors and rearranging their lives to take care of me. During my first afternoon nap, Cousin Fred opened the door and sneaked in. I squinted at him with one eye as he came over to the bed in big giant steps. A lot of quick thoughts went through my mind but the main ones were those rumors the neighbor kids had told me. It seems Fred was the barnyard casanova. At least one goat, a number of cows and even a hen had apparently succumbed to his manliness. As Fred daintily grabbed the bed covers, I remembered the mending basket that Aunt Selma had left by the bed. I reached over and grabbed a big old scissors and said "if you lay one filthy hand on me I'll cut it all off and serve it to you tomorrow as sausage and mountain oysters." He cussed me and ran out.

I knew it was wrong to be this way. Mom was a social worker and often brought home literature about how important it is to be whatever sex you wanted to be and not to pay any attention to biology,which could be easily changed by lopping it off (or lopping it on if you were born a girl), preferably at taxpayers' expense once we completed our "culture change" according to plan and became an enlightened society. I knew she worried about me and thought I might reject her kindly ways toward "those with different sexual orientations." She was right to worry. I was born a freak. And I hated myself for it.

But that was then. This is now. That's right. I was BORN to be a homophobe, I am proud of it and I am COMING OUT! Oh Lord, it feels so good to get that off my chest. Oh, no, that's not ALL I have to say on the subject, not by a longshot. You see I have a feeling deep down inside, a kind of fantastic dream, that someday, we homophobes will be able to hold our head up high and gain full societal acceptance, just like liberals and gays, in academe, in Hollywood, in the media, even in the the schools of California and Massachusetts, where we are openly scorned and made to feel ashamed of ourselves, like we should never have been born.

I can't explain the feeling of sheer exhilaration to be able to say it, at long last: Yes, Mom, yes, Dad. I AM A HOMOPHOBE! Yes, get over it, World: Homophobia is here to stay! And it is absolutely magnificent, exhilarating, liberating beyond anything I could have ever dreamed of! I not only accept myself. I adore myself. And I can't wait to live the lifestyle, give myself over completely to perversion: maybe get married in a church, have kids, read the Bible with them, homeschool them. Who knows? Oh yeah! Good morning world. You are truly beautiful!

And if you are a closet homophobe: Hey, you were born that way. It's ok to come out now and be all you can be. I invite you to stand with me, unafraid. You're in a safe place now!


A good Australian satire

The satirist is pointing out that much of what is traditionally associated with Australia's greatest national day -- Anzac day, commemorating Australia's war dead -- could be seen as "hate speech" etc. by modern politically correct standards. He also "spins" events in a mockery of the way that many Leftists (Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky etc.) do. The satire is in the form of a letter to a police chief

I have it on good authority that white supremacists/Neo-nazis/Anglo-racists are planning a mass rally on the 25th of April this year. They plan to march down the streets of every town in Australia carrying symbols of racism. This may be identified as a blue flag with a Union Jack, a large seven pointed star and a cross made up of stars, which I may add, is highly offensive to the Muslim community in our great multicultural society.

These racists call themselves "ANZACS". Every year they celebrate the racist exploits of their founders, who, 91 years ago, invaded the peaceful Muslim nation of Turkey [During World War I]. Here they fired guns on innocent Turks and killed many. Some even shouted vile racial abuse like "Johnny Turk" and "Abdul". I find this behaviour most offensive. Fortunately, all these vile racist scum have now passed on.

However, there was a new generation of Neo Nazis (codenamed ANZACS) who continued their vile racist behaviour in New Guinea [During World War II]. There were some innocent Japanese tourists on the way to Canberra from Japan. However, these evil ANZACS, again without provocation, travelled all the way to New Guinea to vilify them. Again, they shot at them with Lee Enfield .303 rifles and shouted racist abuse like "nips", "japs", "slopes" and so forth. Some poor Japanese were taken to camps in Australia, and were shot when these poor refugees tried to escape. The "ANZACS" even enslaved the indigenous population, calling them "Fuzzy Wuzzies" and making them carry injured racists and their supplies.

Then another generation of these "ANZACS" went all the way to Vietnam to harass innocent Vietnamese villagers. Again, these poor Asians were shot at by racist Australians and were called "gooks" and " slopes". I went to Vietnam recently backpacking; I even have the Tiger Beer T-shirt to prove it to everyone. They were beautiful people and I cannot see why the evil neo-nazi ANZACS were harassing them.

Even more of these racists have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq to harass and vilify peaceful Muslim villagers, egged on by the evil John Howard.

The older racist ANZACS you will find residing at nursing homes all over the country. I suggest you bash their doors down and arrest them for riot and affray. Others can be found "bowling" or "fishing". They have numerous safe houses, called RSLs' [War veterans' clubs]. These should all be shut down as they are hothouses of racism.

However, I suggest a huge police presence at these planned racist rallies on the 25 th of April this year, where all these racists will be out in the open and easy to belt with nightsticks, rounded up and arrested. My partner, Darp Hau, has offered to photograph those drinking "beer" or having "BBQs". Their homes can later be firebombed, their families harassed, their pets baited and windows smashed.

I hope that I have been of assistance in safeguarding our wonderful multicultural society and preserving the diversity of Australia, which is repsonsible for the harmony and cohesion we enjoy today.

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