Friday, April 01, 2005


There is a rather nauseating story here about a Leftist homosexual who has got himself a lot of publicity by "outing" conservative homosexuals. A person's sex-life is a private thing and many homosexuals have good reason to want to keep that aspect of their life private. Keeping people from snooping into other people's bedrooms has in fact been a great Leftist cause for many years. But apparently you are allowed to snoop into the bedrooms of conservatives. And this disgusting Leftist publicity-seeker does more than just snoop. He even rings a "closeted" homosexual's employer to announce that the employee is homosexual. His latest caper is to threaten an employer with a boycott unless the conservative homosexual employee concerned shuts down his blog -- which the employee has now done. The latest updates on the story are here.


The great criticism conservatives usually have of Leftist proposals is the all-too-foreseeable likelihood that they will lead to unintended consequences. So the absolute Leftist mania to the effect that nobody must be made to feel "uncomfortable" has now borne fruit -- with conservatives saying in effect: "Well, WE are not going to be made to feel uncomfortable either". Below is an examnple:

IMAX theaters in several Southern cities have decided not to show a film on volcanoes out of concern that its references to evolution might offend those with fundamental religious beliefs.

I suppose the AP meant to say "fundamentalist," since most people with fundamental religious beliefs, including the pope, believe in the theory of evolution. But what is more disturbing is that the theaters have made this decision simply because they are afraid someone might be offended. Not even a single protester needed to appear before the chilling effect of faith-based intolerance was felt.

Surely moviegoers deserve the right to decide for themselves what movies to see? "Volcanoes of the Deep Sea," according to the AP, "makes a connection between human DNA and microbes inside undersea volcanoes." It says that if life could evolve under such extreme circumstances, it might help us understand evolution all over the planet.

This is not a controversial opinion. The overwhelming majority of all scientists everywhere in the world who have studied the subject would agree with it. Although discussion continues about the mechanics of evolution, there is no reputable doubt about the existence of DNA and the way in which it functions.

Yes, there is "creationist science," an attempt to provide a scientific footing for beliefs that should be a matter of faith. Creationists say evolution is "only a theory" and want equal time for their theories, one of which is that God created the Earth from scratch in six days, and man on the seventh. Evolution is indeed a theory. Creationism is a belief, not a theory

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