Sunday, September 28, 2003


“In The New Thought Police, Tammy Bruce wrote about the assault on freedom perpetuated by what she calls "the Left Elite". This book is a counterpart, its theme being the Left's attempt to destroy our values. Unless you know about this enemy within from experience, you will be shocked by the information Bruce presents. She claims that it is only in a society devoid of a sense of right and wrong, of any semblance of personal responsibility, that people could:
-Declare, despite all the evidence, a criminal not guilty because he was black and his victim was white.
-Claim that a woman who murdered her children is a victim of patriarchy.
-Declare absolutely vulgar and insulting depictions of Christian symbols as "art" when it would be a hate crime if done to symbols of any other religion.
-Declare that murdering 3000 American civilians as actions of "Freedom Fighters."
-Censure an organization of men who meet to discuss how to treat women in their life better because it is Christian, while lauding pornography manufacturers and distributors.
-Attempt to contact a deadly, uncurable disease and blame "society" for its spread.
-Promote music with lyrics advocating murder and rape.
-Refuse to display American flags because they might offend foreigners.
-"Educate" college students in such a way that a significant portion do not see the Holocaust as evil. (no, I'm not kidding! Read the book and find out who, where, and how.)
-Punish a person who confronted some Arab students when they, speaking among themselves, lauded September 11th.
-Force a student to drop a class for making a factual statement that did not fit the professor's hate-America worldview.

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