Monday, September 22, 2003


This is a fairly old story now but I am linking to it because it is yet another illustration of how PC can be very destructive (destruction is, in my view, a major motive behind PC. Intelligent people promote PC so it is unlikely that they keep achieving things that they do not want),

I am sure that the politically correct but unrealistic notion that deaf people are in no way inferior to those who can hear may help reconcile some deaf people to their lot but it would appear that this unrealistic notion has come to be believed as gospel truth in much of the deaf community. It is no longer seen as just a polite fiction. So the deaf do NOT see themselves as disadvantaged in any way.

Logically then, they sometimes resist the kindly efforts of others to help their children escape deafness. If there is nothing wrong with being deaf, why try to change it? So deaf people have on occasions resisted attempts to give their children cochlear implants -- which are now fairly good at giving deaf people some useful hearing and helping them to live near-normal lives.

But the story I have linked to above shows how far this nonsense has gone -- a deaf mother deliberately sought a deaf father for her child and celebrated when the baby did in fact turn out to be deaf!

So PC is bring into the world needlessly deaf children. Need I say more about how disgusting PC lies are?

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