Sunday, August 10, 2003

A Plethora of PC in UC Riverside Student Senate Meeting:
As ASUCR closed out their year last Thursday with one last meeting, student groups came out in a final attempt this year to secure funding to increase safety for women of color...
How about the safety of women not "of color" - or of students in general?

One student organization, Que onda Queers, requested $12,000 for safety devices...
Que onda Queers? One doesn't want to imagine what they will do with these "devices!"

When President Sayegh informed the group that according to the constitution, only $100 could be allocated for equipment, students again expressed their discontent, saying that the senate was not willing enough to help them...
After all, a constitution means nothing to the left!

"We're not going to discriminate," [Senator] Ramirez said. "We treat you like shit. We're going to treat everybody like shit."

After some deliberation, and the decision to make it a closed ballot, the senate voted to allocate $3,025 to Que onda Queers...
Constitution? What constitution? Closed ballot - very democratic!

Here is more idiocy from this same meeting.

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