Wednesday, August 20, 2003


The Independent (UK): Some of Britain's biggest employers are to conduct gay and lesbian audits of their staff to try to avoid compensation claims for discrimination brought under laws that come into force this year.
Imagine the ad:

Contact Guys, Gals, and Whatever
Gay and Lesbian Audits
Government Certified
Have your employees "audited" by our staff of multi-sexual experts.

The gay rights group Stonewall and the CBI report a rush of inquiries from companies and public bodies planning to use monitoring to identify how many gays and lesbians they employ. The move has been prompted by guidance from the conciliation service Acas and the Government, warning businesses that ignorance will be no defence to a claim based on the new grounds for sexual orientation discrimination.
Ignorance is no defense? How can you be discriminating if you don't even know it?

The merchant bank JP Morgan is among City employers that intend to ask staff their sexual orientation before the regulations become law.
So now employers will have to poll employees on their sexual preferences? I'll bet its illegal to do so before hiring. This should would be amusing if it weren't so symptomatic of the idiocy of the modern left.

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