Wednesday, July 23, 2003


Britain sure is a rich mine of PC insanity. These three examples are from the column by John Hay in the Brisbane Sunday Mail of July 20, 2003, p. 55 (not apparently online):

MORE political correctness. Yorkshire (UK) takeaway shopowner Yusuf Nayir grabbed a rolling pin for protection when he chased vandals who were attacking his premises. He caught one of the culprits and handed him over to police - who charged Yusuf with carrying an offensive weapon.

DON'T say it with flowers. A husband in Plymouth, England, was jailed for two months for being in breach of a restraining order. He had sent his estranged wife a bunch of flowers.

POOR little darlings. No, not the kids, the teachers. Children at a school in West Yorkshire have been asked not to bring lunchboxes to school because they are a health and safety risk to teachers. The headmaster said that modern lunchboxes were very bulky and that teachers could trip over them.

I was unable to source these stories via Google but John Hay’s email address is given as

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