Saturday, June 14, 2003


Thomas Keneally is an Australian novelist who opposes what the vast majority of Australians favour: Stopping illegal immigration. He seems to argue that Australia can sucessfully absorb ANY amount of illegal immigration from anywhere! But even in his delusions he has flashes of sanity and admits that tolerance and political correctness do not always go together:

“Keneally believes history and the western suburbs of Sydney suggest that Australia will absorb the new, as it did through the waves of migration that followed the Second World War and, later, Vietnam and the broader Asian influx. Not that this was ever articulated in a politically correct manner.

A survivor of Schindler's Ark told Keneally: "Australians are a wonderful people. When you first arrive and they don't know you or like you they call you a wog bastard. Then they get to know you and like you and they call you a wog bastard." “

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