Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Gunman shoots security guard, Guard gets arrested for murder

"An armed robber was shot dead today after grappling with a security guard during a raid on a Securicor van.

The guard, who was also shot in the leg, has been arrested in hospital for murder.

The drama happened after three men attacked the security van as it arrived at a Tesco supermarket in Leytonstone. As the robbers started firing, the Tesco guard tried to wrestle a gun from one of the gunmen. In the scuffle the gun went off, hitting the robber in the head. The guard was hit in the leg as six shots were fired. The robber died later in hospital and the guard was in a stable condition. The injured men were taken to hospital by an air ambulance which landed in the Tesco car park."

British law is the law of the madhouse. More here. Via Limbic Nutrition

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