Wednesday, March 26, 2003


AN Adelaide lake will be transformed from saltwater to freshwater to eradicate a mutant seaweed under a South Australian government plan. The government said today it supported the plan to use freshwater to rid the seaweed, caulerpa taxifolia, from West Lakes in Adelaide's west. The invasive seaweed was initially noticed in the saltwater lake last year. SA Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Paul Holloway said today freshwater would be pumped into the lake and saltwater removed under the plan, at a cost of $3 million. He said the seaweed should be killed after two weeks of the lake becoming freshwater. Once the seaweed was eradicated, the lake would revert again to saltwater, Mr Holloway said.

Of course the seaweed won’t come back after the lake reverts to saltwater, will it? And if it does what’s another $3 million of taxpayer dollars?

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