Friday, June 01, 2018

Allah kills a Dutch police dog

Dutch police have shot a man who was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he tried to attack them with an axe. The 26-year-old man was heard screaming the Arabic for 'God is greatest' while waving the weapon and fatally wounded a police dog.

According to Netherlands news site NU, police entered his apartment and were attacked this afternoon.

During the fighting, officers reportedly tried unsuccessfully to taser the man, who stabbed a police dog.

The man has been taken to hospital in critical condition but NOS reports he is now stable.

Pictures from the scene showed his covered body being loaded onto a stretcher as officers sent him to hospital.

Mayor Cor Lamers told NU the man was of a Syrian background and 'was known to different aid agencies'. 

The police dog was pictured shortly after the accident getting into a force vehicle and officers said on social media it was fine. But shortly after they announced it had died as a result of its injuries. 


French police clear out Paris migrant camp

Police have evacuated the largest illegal refugee camp in Paris days after homeless charities warned that the situation was heading for “tragedy” following a stabbing and two drownings.

The evacuation of more than 1,000 migrants, mainly from Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, came a day after France awarded honorary citizenship to an undocumented Malian for his “heroic” rescue of a small boy dangling from a fourth-floor balcony.

The dawn evacuation took place at the Millénaire camp along a canal at the porte de la Villette, northeastern Paris, which housed around 1,700 migrants in total.

The clearance took place without incident as migrants flanked by riot police boarded buses to temporary housing around the city.

"We don't really know where we are going," said a Libyan who reached Paris seven months ago and gave his name as Issam. "It was hard here," he told AFP, clutching his one piece of baggage.

A state prefect for the Paris region said other smaller camps - one at La Chapelle, northern Paris, which contains around 400 migrants, and another along the trendy canal Saint Martin, containing around 800 - would be dismantled "as soon as possible”.

The migrants were being moved for welfare and security reasons, Gérard Collomb, the French interior minister, said in a statement.

"Police services will be fully committed to preventing such camps being built again," Mr Collomb said. The evacuation was the 34th to take place since June 2015, he added.

French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing for a new immigration law, still being debated in parliament, to speed up the asylum process and ramp up the deportation of economic migrants.

The issue of migration in France hit international headlines this week after a Malian migrant, Mamoudou Gassama, who was working illegally in the construction industry, saved a four-year-old boy hanging from a fourth-floor balcony.

The dramatic rescue turned him into an overnight national hero and prompted Mr Macron to grant him honorary citizenship.  He has already started work with the fire brigade after being offered a 10-month contract.

Immigration remains a key issue for French voters, polls suggest, and the far-right Front National leader Marine Le Pen won a third of votes in last year's presidential election.

Paris mayor Socialist Anne Hidalgo praised the camp clearance on Wednesday but said that the city had been calling on the national government and interior ministry to take action for four months.

Ms Hidalgo has been embroiled in an angry row with Mr Collomb and the government, with the Socialist mayor calling on the state to find housing for migrants while the interior minister has retorted that it is the mayor’s responsibility to order evictions and to keep the capital’s streets safe and clean.

On Wednesday, Ms Hidalgo called on the government to approve the "reconstruction" of a migrant welcome centre in Paris to deal with the issue, as charities say that an extra 80 migrants are arriving every day in the French capital.

The last such centre at La Chapelle was closed in May to make way for a university building. Ms Hidalgo said that such a centre was "the only way to avoid fresh encampments in the streets".


A great new service for the homeless

STARBUCKS has rolled out its staff racial bias training with a 68-page guidebook and more than a dozen videos focusing on identifying racial prejudices, learning to be “colour brave,” and respecting customers and their spaces, according to the coffee chain.

Meanwhile, the company’s “Third Place Policy” — which would allow anyone to hang out or use the rest rooms in its stores, regardless of whether they purchase anything — has already been leading partners and customers to question how Starbucks can continue to function as a business and refrain from becoming a chain of “homeless drop-in centres”.

“Starbucks may find soon that its customers don’t want to be served coffee in a politically correct corporate homeless shelter,” pondered Jeremy Carl in an opinion piece for Fox News.

As part of Starbucks’ efforts to start “renewing Starbucks as a place where all people feel welcome,” the chain closed down 8000 of its company-operated stores on Tuesday afternoon “for a conversation and learning session on racial bias” with 175,000 of its employees, or “partners,” as Starbucks refers to them.

“Because we want to uplift others, we exist to inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time,” the company wrote of its mission at the start of the Starbucks guidebook provided to partners.

At the start of the session, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson introduced (via video) the topics for the day’s lesson, including a history of discrimination in public spaces as well as a lesson in being “colour brave,” the latter of which is explained as a an alternative to being colourblind, wherein a person’s racial identity is not ignored, but rather seen and respected for what it is.

“Here’s my belief: Growing up, there was a term called ‘colourblind,’ which described a learning behaviour of pretending not to notice race — that doesn’t even make sense,” said Mr Johnson. “So today we are starting a new journey, talking about race directly — what my friend and Starbucks board member Mellody Hobson calls being ‘colour brave.’”


The Robinson case

Britain's decline into Fascism.  Britain's Gestapo awaits critics of Islam

Hundreds of supporters of Tommy Robinson filled the streets of London on Saturday in protest against his arrest in Leeds on Friday, but it was not until shortly after midnight on Monday that the Daily Mail posted a report about the protest on its website. The story, which was unsigned, was updated on early Monday afternoon. How to explain the delay? Did the Daily Mail's lawyers have to check with the British government, which had placed a gag order on reporting about the arrest, to make sure that it was permissible to report on the protest, if not directly on the arrest itself?

The Mail made sure to describe the hundreds of protesters as "far-right." How did the Mail ascertain their politics? Does it not occur to the Mail that even if Robinson were far-right, which he is not, a British subject would not have to be far right to want to take in a protest against his shockingly rapid-fire arrest, trial, conviction, and imprisonment for the sole offense of reporting from outside a courthouse?

The Evening Standard also reported on the protest – and also labeled the participants "far-right." "The incident," wrote the Standard 's Tom Powell, "has triggered a furious reaction from his fans." In fact, it seems fair to say that the incident has shocked, outraged, and scared people around the world who, until now, had thought of the United Kingdom as a free country.

In America, for example, Robert Spencer warned that "the darkness of Sharia-compliant totalitarianism descends upon the UK." Thomas Lifson asked:

"Is Britain lost to the ranks of free nations? The land that bequeathed the world the Magna Carta and the 'mother of parliaments' is indulging in totalitarianism with its handling of Tommy Robinson, a famous political activist agitating about the threat of radical Islam, and attempting to report on the trial of a Muslim 'grooming gang' that allegedly preyed on young English girls, forcing them into prostitution."

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders declared solidarity with Robinson: "Britain used to be a bastion of free speech. Today its leaders are behaving like North Korea and Saudi Arabia."

At least the Mail and Standard ran stories about the protests. Other major British dailies did not. The Metro website, for its part, posted a story that made the Mail look objective: "The controversial nationalist and far-right commentator, real name Stephen Lennon, was posing as a 'reporter' when police officers approached him," wrote Olivia Waring in a piece headlined "Why Was Tommy Robinson Arrested?"

In fact, Robinson was not "posing" as anything – he is a citizen journalist who at the time of his arrest was being watched live on Facebook by supporters around the world. Waring went on say that Robinson's supporters "abide by slogans like 'White Lives Matter.'" She also mentioned that Robin was a founder of the English Defence League, but omitted to acknowledge that he left the organization after it adopted a racist line of which he could not approve.

Whereas Robinson was arrested for "breaching the peace" – "apparently British police code for 'offending Islam,'" noted Spencer wryly – and was immediately thereafter found guilty of "contempt of court" and hustled off to the hoosegow, the savages whose case he was covering have apparently been on trial for several weeks now. They face multiple charges, including rape, racially aggravated assault, and inciting a child into prostitution. One of the defendants is accused of fifty-one separate counts, including twenty-one counts of rape. During the weeks of their trial they have, of course, had legal representation and have apparently been allowed to go home at night. Meanwhile Robinson's attorneys were apparently unable to contact him in the first hours and days after his arrest.

Finally, on Tuesday, in response to complaints by the British media, the gag order on reporting news about the Robinson case was lifted. Presumably this counts as a modest recovery for freedom of the press in Britain. Meanwhile, Robinson remains in jail for daring to exercise his free speech, and what the mainstream media have won back is the right to resume repeating their lockstep lies about who he is and what he stand for.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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