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The glories of English multiculturalism again

Man who attacked WPC with an axe leaving her head split open and a finger hanging off told shop worker 'I've cut two people's heads off and you're next, you crazy b*tch', court told

A man who attacked a police officer with an axe leaving her head split open screamed 'I am the King...I'm starting World War Three' when he was detained, a court heard.

Nathan Sumner, 35, brutally attacked PC Lisa Bates with the weapon after she and a colleague had tried to arrest him at his Sheffield flat, jurors were told.

He struck PC Bates with the axe almost slicing her finger off as she tried to defend herself against his 'targeted' blows, the court was told.

Prosecutors described how Sumner chased the officer down his flat screaming 'come on you f******, I'm gonna kill you'.

An officer responding to her plight heard a 'blood curdling scream' over his radio as he raced to the scene in the Gleadless area of the city on April 13.

Nathan Sumner, 35, brutally attacked PC Lisa Bates with an axe after she and a colleague had tried to arrest him at his Sheffield flat, jurors were told

PC Lisa Bates who was seriously injured with an axe wielded by Nathan Sumner in April

Sheffield Crown Court was shown CCTV footage of how Sumner was eventually arrested in a nearby Co-op store by police who first tried to subdue him with batons before he was finally brought to the ground by a Taser.

The footage showed how Sumner grabbed one of the officers' batons and fought with the police before he was stopped.

Before this, he appeared to be walking around the shop in just a pair of shorts throwing around boxes of beer and bottles of wine.

He allegedly threatened one shop worker, telling her: 'I've cut two people's heads off with an axe and you are next, you crazy b*tch.'

Footage shot on a police officer's mobile phone after he was detained showed Sumner lying in a pool of blood.

In an incoherent rant Sumner appeared to tell officers: 'I am the King. I will rule the world. I am the original faction.

'I am the best army in England, in the world.

'When I die you will all die you fools. I am the trigger, the mechanism. If you do it, you all die. I'm starting World War III. I'm going to go off in 30 minutes.'

Sam Green QC, prosecuting, said PC Bates and her colleague PC Mark Garrett were called to Sumner's flat by a concerned neighbour living below. She had heard screams and banging from the flat.

When the two officers arrived, the defendant pinned PC Garrett against a wall.

PC Bates used Pava incapacitating spray on Sumner but it had no effect on the defendant, yet 'unhappily had an incapacitating effect upon PC Garrett'.

Mr Green said Sumner then went back into his flat and grabbed the axe that he kept on a radiator.

He said PC Bates jumped down some steps, injuring her leg.

Mr Green said: 'The defendant struck PC Bates in the thigh and the head. He was swinging the weapon repeatedly, despite PC Bates putting her hands up in an attempt to protect herself.

'The defendant taunted her, asking if she was going to kill him and "smash my head in". 'He swung relentlessly, albeit pausing to get the best angles from which to deliver his targeted assault.'

The prosecutor said one witness 'graphically described the defendant hitting PC Bates anywhere he could with an axe and 'just going at her constantly'.

'He kept raising it and plunging it back down towards her.'

Witnesses then said the defendant ran off, chasing PC Garrett.

A nearby resident, Simon Ellis, came to PC Bates' aid, dragging her into his flat and bolting the door until officers arrived. 

After he was arrested Sumner allegedly had to be restrained when taken to hospital. He shouted how he was going to 'chop your head off' if the handcuffs were removed, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Mr Green said he then tried to wipe faeces into an officer's face.  

But David Brookes, defending, said it was agreed his client was suffering from a psychotic episode at the time.

He told the jury of six men and six women they would have to decide whether Sumner really did mean to seriously hurt or even kill PC Bates. 'What was really going on in this man's mind? ' he asked the jurors.

He added: 'He was mentally ill. When he was in the Co-op he was saying to various witnesses he wanted help. 'He said to them: "Help me. The aliens are coming for me. I'm the King of Sheffield. I'll buy you a house if you help me.'" 

Sumner denies attempting to murder PC Bates and an alternative count of causing her grievous bodily harm with intent.

The jury heard he admits causing the officer grievous bodily harm. 

The trial, which is expected to last up to three weeks, was adjourned until Monday.


The End of Columbus Day is the End of America

Columbus may have outfoxed the Spanish court and his rivals, but he is falling victim to the court of political correctness. The explorer who discovered America has become controversial because the very idea of America has become controversial.

There are counter-historical claims put forward by Muslim and Chinese scholars claiming that they discovered America first. And there are mobs of fake indigenous activists on every campus to whom the old Italian is as much of a villain as the bearded Uncle Sam.

Columbus Day parades are met with protests and some have been minimized or eliminated.

In a number of cities Columbus Day was transformed into Indigenous People's Day, which sounds like a Marxist terrorist group's holiday.

After making a shambles of his efforts at socialized medicine, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed on to Indigenous People's Day. What began in Berkeley, spread to Denver, Pheonix and Seattle, among other cities.

No American state has followed Venezuela's lead in renaming it Día de la Resistencia Indígena, or Day of Indigenous Resistance, which actually is a Marxist terrorist group's holiday, but the whole notion of celebrating the discovery of America has come to be seen as somehow shameful and worst of all, politically incorrect.

The shift from celebrating Columbus' arrival in America to commemorating it as an American tragedy by focusing on the tribes who had settled there earlier, rather than the American settlers, is a profound form of historical revisionism that hacks away at the origins of this country.

The attacks on Columbus Day have less to do with the distant descendants of those tribes, most of whom owe more of their ancestry to the later arrivals made possible by Columbus, than with the agenda of the left.

Anti-Columbus Day protests are mounted by La Raza, whose members, despite their indigenous posturing, are actually mostly descended from Spanish colonists, but who know that most Americans are too confused to rationally frame an objection to a protest by any minority group.

The absurdity is deepened by the linguistic and cultural ties between the Italian Columbus Day marchers and the Latino Anti-Columbus Day protesters with the latter set cynically exploiting white guilt to pretend that being the descendants of Southern European colonists makes them a minority.

If being descended from Southern Europeans makes you a minority, then Columbus, the parade marchers, the Greek restaurant owner nearby and even Rush Limbaugh are all "people of color."

Italian-Americans are the only bulwark against political correctness still keeping Columbus on the calendar, and that has made mayors and governors in cities and states with large Italian-American communities wary of tossing the great explorer completely overboard. But while Ferdinand and Isabella may have brought Columbus back in chains, modern day political correctness is erasing him from history and replacing him with a note reading, "I'm Sorry We Ever Landed Here."

But this is about more than one single 15th century Genoan with a complicated life who was neither a monster nor a saint. It is about whether America really has any right to exist at all. Is there any argument against celebrating Columbus Day, that cannot similarly be applied to the Fourth of July?

If Columbus is to be stricken from the history books in favor of ideological thugs like Malcolm X or Caesar Chavez, then America must soon follow. Columbus' crime is that he enabled European settlement of the continent.

If the settlement of non-Indians in North America is illegitimate, then any national state they created is also illegitimate.

It is easier to hack away at a nation's history by beginning with the lower branches.

Columbus is an easier target than America itself, though the left considers both colonialist vermin. Americans are less likely to protest over the banishment of Columbus to the politically correct gulag  than over the banishing America itself, which was named after another one of those colonialist explorers, Amerigo Vespucci. First they came for Columbus Day and then for the Fourth of July.

The battles being fought over Columbus Day foreshadow the battles to be fought over the Fourth of July. As Columbus Day joins the list of banned holidays in more cities, one day there may not be a Fourth of July, just a day of Native Resistance to remember the atrocities of the colonists with PBS documentaries comparing George Washington to Hitler.

These documentaries already exist, they just haven't gone mainstream. Yet.

We celebrate Columbus Day and the Fourth of July because that is our history. Had the Aztecs, the Mayans or the Iroquois Confederation developed the necessary technology and skills to cross the Atlantic and begin colonizing Europe, the fate of its native inhabitants would have been far uglier. The different perspectives on history often depend on which side you happen to be on.

To Americans, the Alamo is a shining moment of heroism. To the Mexicans who are the heirs of a colonialist empire far more ruthless than anything to be found north of the Rio Grande, the war was a plot to conquer Mexican territory. And neither side is altogether wrong, but choosing which version of history to go by is the difference between being an American or a Mexican.

A nation's mythology, its paragons and heroes, its founding legends and great deeds, are its soul. To replace them with another culture's perspective on its history is to kill that soul.

That is the ultimate goal of political correctness, to kill America's soul. To stick George Washington, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, James Bowie, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and all the rest on a shelf in a back room somewhere, and replace them with timelier liberal heroes. Move over Washington, Caesar Chavez needs this space. No more American heroes need apply.

Followed of course by no more America.

This is how it begins. And that is how it ends. Nations are not destroyed by atomic bombs or economic catastrophes; they are lost when they lose any reason to go on living. When they no longer have enough pride to go on fighting to survive.

The final note of politically correct lunacy comes from a headline in the Columbus Dispatch about the Columbus Day festival in the city of Columbus, Ohio. "Italian Festival honors controversial explorer with its own Columbus Day parade".

Once the great discover of America, Columbus is now dubbed "controversial" by a newspaper named after him, in a city named after him .And if he is controversial, how can naming a city after him and a newspaper after the city not be equally controversial?

Can the day when USA Today has a headline reading, "Some cities still plan controversial 4th of July celebration of American independence" be far behind?    


Multicultural Melbourne, Australia:  A city to avoid

This is the moment a brave shopkeeper locked himself inside his store with an alleged gangland thief and fought him for ten minutes.

The dramatic footage, captured in Melbourne yesterday, shows the shop owner and suspect exchanging blows as police try to make their way inside.

Eventually the officers get into the store and are forced to use capsicum spray to subdue the struggling man before handcuffing him.

Police told Daily Mail Australia they were called to the store, on Paisley Street, at around 2.45pm to reports that two men had entered and starting taking items.

Officers said the shopkeeper had detained one man, a 24-year-old from Shepparton, who was arrested at the scene.

The second man, a 29-year-old from Footscray, managed to get away but returned to the scene a short time later armed with a knife.

Police say he fled the scene a second time before being arrested a short distance away. Both remain in custody and are assisting police with inquiries.

According to 7 News, which obtained the footage, both men were of African descent and believed to be part of a gang operating in the area.

Video of the incident shows the shopkeeper exchanging vicious blows inside the store before struggling on the floor.

Eventually two officers get inside where they are forced to use batons to get the man in handcuffs before he is pictured on the pavement outside.

Witnesses said a gang of African men were terrorising the street before the robbery, in an area where African Apex are known to operate

Melbourne's streets have been plagued in recent months by the African Apex gang, a group of largely young males of Sudanese refugee background who have left some residents terrified.

The group are believed to have been behind multiple robberies, carjackings, and violent assaults around the city, and were responsible for the Moomba riots.

It is not known if the two men filmed in the store yesterday were part of that group.

News 7 reports that at least one man was arrested following the incident. Daily Mail Australia contacted Victoria Police, but had not received a response by the time of publication.


Terror raid in Australia: Sydney cops find Muslim teens wielding bayonets

Two teenage Muslim extremists arrested in southwest Sydney yesterday were members of Islamic State and were moments from carrying out an attack, police will allege.

The pair of 16 year-olds, one the stepson of one of Australia’s most notorious convicted terrorists, were arrested in a Bankstown alleyway wielding “bayonet-type” knives yesterday afternoon.

Early this morning, they were charged with acting in preparation for a terrorist attack, and being a member of a terrorist organisation. The first charge carries a life sentence, while the second carries 10 years imprisonment.

“We will be alleging that two 16 year-old boys went to a gun shop in Bankstown and purchased two knives,” NSW Police Force acting commissioner Cath Burn said this morning.

“They’ve then caught a bus to that location in Bankstown where they were arrested and those items seized.”

“This is the 11th imminent attack we have prevented in this country, there have been four in NSW.”

Ms Burn, also the NSW Police Force’s counter terrorism chief, said three houses and a prayer hall were searched by police in their investigation.

“We did prevent what we suspect was going to be an attack,” she said. “In respect of these two, I think that they’ve probably had some degrees or radicalisation from potentially radicalised peers. “This goes to the hub of what were dealing with. We have a number of paths people follow to radicalisation. Whether it’s they have radicalised peers, it’s online , its grooming or whatever, this is what we’re facing.

While the boys had been known to police for a while, Ms Burn said the time between radicalisation and carrying out an attack is short.

“We have been aware of them, and we have been concerned about them,” she said. “What we’re seeing is that the time between the radicalisation and when they decide to do an action happens very very quickly.”

Australian Federal Police deputy commissioner Michael Phelan said it’s more difficult to track teenage terrorists.

“The activity accelerated quickly,” he said, “and had we not been in the right place at the right time, and that’s based on good credible intelligence, then certainly somebody could be without their life. That’s the problem we face every day.”

In what has become an all-too-familiar scene in the long battle against homegrown extrem­ism, the two 16-year-olds were ­arrested in the southwest Sydney suburb of Bankstown by heavily armed counter-terrorism police.

It is understood the boys were in possession of bayonets or hunting knives and carrying a note written in Arabic that indic­ated an allegiance with Islamic State.

Police are investigating whether the two were about to carry out an attack like the crude, grisly terror assaults that have ­become a hallmark of Islamic State-inspired beheadings and stabbings.

Counter-terrorism sources said both boys were under intense police surveillance at the time of their arrests.

It is understood one of the boys first came to the attention of police two years ago, after he refused to stand for the Australian national anthem when it was played at East Hills High School, then his school.

The school was also defaced with extremist graffiti, including the slogan “ISIS R coming’’.

At some point yesterday, surveillance officers trailing the pair noticed they had armed themselves with what were believed to be bayonets or hunting knives.

Police believe they either bought or stole the weapons from a nearby army disposal store ­earlier in the day.

Fearing a terrorist attack was imminent, the officers made plans to arrest the pair without putting members of the public, or themselves, at undue risk.

Within two hours of sighting the knives, police pounced, arrest­ing the two in a laneway outside a Muslim prayer hall.

“He was just talking about some sharia law and some terrorism act like, and some weapons,” witness Syed Irfan Ali told Seven News. “He spoke about some weapons but I’m not sure what weapons ... I was a bit ­panicked and a bit scared.”

The boys were being interviewed by police at Bankstown Local Area Command last night. As a relative left the station last night, she told the Nine Network the family believed the boys had intended “going fishing”.

Since the rise of Islamic State, police have become the target of choice for Muslim extremists, a point brought home to Austral­ians in October last year when Farhad Jabar, 15, shot and killed NSW police employee Curtis Cheng outside police headquarters in Parramatta.

Both teenagers arrested yesterday were well known to counter-terrorism authorities due to their radical views and their ­associations within Sydney’s small network of Muslim extremists. One of the boys was the stepson of a recently convicted terrorist.

The man, serving a prison ­sentence for terror offences, was notorious because of the influence he wielded over a network of ­impressionable young extremists, most of whom are behind bars.

A Bankstown local, who ­declined to be named, said he was not surprised two teenagers were arrested with knives near the ­discreetly located Bankstown Musalla. Adnum Lane, the scene of the arrest, was cordoned off by police yesterday.

“Things have changed a lot here in the last 10 years. They’ve changed a lot,” the man said.

The man said it was only a few weeks ago, after Friday afternoon prayers, that a skinny teenager with a meagre beard in traditional Islamic dress approached him — accompanied by a man in his 20s — while he was having a smoke.

“He told me cigarettes and smoking were haram (forbidden),” the practising Muslim said.

“I told him there are people killing women and children in the name of Islam, and to worry about things like that, not me smoking. He could have been one of those boys. I see the young boys around all the time, coming from that mosque.”

The man told The Australian that young men often wandered the area, close to shops, a library, and Paul Keating Park, before and after prayers. The man said the teenager became aggressive when he told the boy to focus on atroc­ities committed by Islamic State.

“He told me Daesh was doing jihad,” he said. “This is not Islam. They need education. This is ­ignorance.”

Neither of the boys had been charged last night. However, detectives executed a number of search warrants and charges are expected.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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