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How anti-racism lessons INCREASE pupil intolerance by 'causing animosity to other cultures'

It takes Leftists to teach race-consciousness

Children who are given anti-racism lessons in school are more likely to be intolerant outside the classroom, a major study found yesterday.

It said accusing white pupils of racism causes animosity, and discussing sensitive ethnic concerns such as honour killings paints minority group children in a bad light.

The survey said children who live in mixed neighbourhoods are often free of hostility towards other racial groups.

But it found that `when more attention in class is being paid to the multicultural society, the liberalising effect of positive contact in class on youngsters' xenophobic attitude decreases'.

The project carried out in the Netherlands comes at a time of controversy over the place of multiculturalism - which blames Britain for historic racism and demands the encouragement of minority cultures - in the national curriculum and teaching in British schools.

Education Secretary Michael  Gove has been under fire from Left-wing academics over plans to stop teaching teenagers about topics such as `the wide cultural, social and ethnic diversity of Britain from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century and how this has helped shape Britain's identity'.

Instead, in future pupils will be taught much more British history. The study, published in the European Sociological Review, was based on a survey of 1,444 pupils aged 14 and 15 in ten schools in the city of Nijmegen.

The teenagers, drawn from different class and racial backgrounds, and with differing academic abilities, were questioned on their attitudes to those from different ethnic backgrounds and about multicultural teaching in their schools.

It said boys tended to be more intolerant of other groups than girls, and intolerance was greatest among those with strong religious or ethnic identity, among those from Turkish or Moroccan backgrounds, and those with the lowest educational achievements.

But it said the teaching of multiculturalism had an `unexpected negative effect'.

It added: `The impact of positive inter- ethnic contact in class disappears  or even reverses when multiculturalism is more emphasised during  lessons. Discussing discrimination and the customs and habits of  other cultures during lessons affects the youngsters' xenophobic attitudes indirectly.'

The report added that bad feelings among minority groups could be generated by discussion of topics such as honour killings or female  circumcision. Animosity could also be caused by `a one-sided offender- victim approach to racism'.

The findings echo the views of Bradford head teacher Ray Honeyford, who was driven from his job nearly 30 years ago over his claim that multicultural teaching was harming pupils.

Mr Honeyford said that pupil performance was hindered by `the notion of the multi-racial curriculum urged by the authorities, and of making colour and race significant, high-profile issues in the classroom'.

Patricia Morgan, an author on  the family and education, said  yesterday: `If you rub children's noses in their supposed racism, they resent it.

`Pupils are being accused of things they haven't thought or done. Multiculturalism attempts to manipulate children's thoughts, beliefs and emotions, it amounts to indoctrination, and it doesn't work. It is counter-productive.

`This study shows that when people try to manipulate children's minds, it bounces back on them.'


Clegg Kills U.K. Data-Monitoring Bill on Liberty Concerns

U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg killed off plans by David Cameron's Conservatives to monitor data from phone calls and e-mails, citing concerns about civil liberties, as Parliament prepared to end its current session.

Conservative Home Secretary Theresa May was pushing for adoption of the Communications Data Bill after police and intelligence agencies sought powers to collect information showing the time, location and duration of a mobile-phone call or the existence of an e-mail. Civil-liberties campaigners said the proposals were too intrusive and put ordinary people at risk of being spied upon.

"What people dub the snoopers' charter, that's not going to happen -- certainly with Lib Dems in government," Clegg told LBC radio today. An aide to Clegg, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with government rules, said no new version of the bill would appear when the next parliamentary session begins on May 8.

The move shows Clegg flexing his muscles against his Tory coalition partners before local elections next week and with national elections two years away. Prime Minister David Cameron mirrored that strategy for his own party by appointing a new team this week to focus on Conservative policy.


More black on black violence in Britain

A 15-year old boy has been charged with the murder of a teenager stabbed to death on a bus.

Derek Boateng, 16, was attacked in broad daylight on the 393 bus in Highbury New Park, north London, at around 3pm on Tuesday.  He was airlifted to hospital but died yesterday.

A police spokesman said: 'The 15-year-old boy from Havering will appear in custody at Highbury Corner Youth Court accused of the murder of 16-year-old Derek Boateng.'

Police say Boateng, who has three older sisters, was attacked following a row with another teenager. It was the fifth stabbing of a teenager in London in the past four days.

The London Air Ambulance landed on Highbury Grove School's Astro Turf pitch and airlifted the teenager to hospital in east London where he died yesterday.

Today, his devastated sisters paid tribute to the little brother they described as 'always laughing' and revealed his birthday presents are still lying unopened at the family home in nearby Hackney.

Derek's oldest sister Gifty, 29, said he was 'best brother in the world.

She told the Evening Standard: 'I could not have had a better brother.'  Earlier, she told how Derek was doing his GCSEs and wanted to be an engineer.

He said: 'He just fixes stuff, like things you can't figure out he comes to do.

'He paints and plays the drums - he was very artistic. He had a lot of friends and knew a lot of people around the area and had friends from primary school still. We are completely devastated and still in shock.'

Another of his siblings, Linda, 25, said: 'All we know is that he was on a bus by himself. He normally gets the train.

'From what we know, he was going to meet his friend at Highbury Grove when it happened.

'He was always laughing, everything was a joke. You can't even tell him off because he just started laughing at you.

'He was stabbed on his birthday on the 23rd and died the day after. He was coming home to his presents, he hadn't even opened them yet.'

She added: 'You hear about this sort of thing all the time and never think this is going to come to you.

'Knives are for the kitchen. Put the knives away, just concentrate on your education. They have left the family very devastated.

'I don't think they understand what they are doing. The guy who did it is probably really scared because they don't understand what they have done.  'It's ridiculous. Killing someone and going back to your group doesn't make you cool.'

More than 2,000 people have paid tribute on Facebook to a murdered teenager who died the day after being stabbed on his sixteenth birthday.

Derek Boateng, who wanted to be an engineer, was fatally stabbed on a 393 bus on Tuesday afternoon. He died in hospital last night.

And now more than 2,700 people have flooded a tribute page set up for the tragic youngster - known as Ddot - on Facebook.
Trawling the streets: Police search gardens, bins and drains close to the scene where Derek Boateng was stabbed on a bus in Highbury, London

Sheree Wright said: 'Rest In Perfect Peace, I Know The Streets Are Tough But I'm Disgusted That Young Boys & Girls In This World Think They Can Play God & Take Someones Life! Too Many Mothers Are Burying Their Babies.

The teenager was said by locals to be a former student at Highbury Grove School.

Police were called on Tuesday afternoon and the victim was rushed to hospital in a critical condition but he succumbed to his injuries yesterday evening.

Nearby residents said the boy was stabbed by a black teenager, aged around 16, who was wearing a baseball cap and who also pushed a passenger to the ground before running off through the nearby Spring Gardens Estate.


Iceland's Top Court Orders Valitor to Process WikiLeaks Payments

Iceland's Supreme Court ordered Valitor hf, the Icelandic partner of MasterCard Inc. (MA) and Visa Inc. (V), to process card payments for anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks within 15 days or face daily penalties.

If the company fails to comply it will be forced to pay 800,000 kronur ($6,800) in daily penalties, according to the ruling posted on the Reykjavik-based court's website today.

The court also said Valitor must honor a contract with Icelandic data-hosting service provider DataCell. The payment card company had refused to process payments for DataCell because DataCell had signed a contract to process payments for WikiLeaks.

Valitor's refusal to process WikiLeaks payments "shall be considered baseless," according to the ruling posted on the Reykjavik-based court's website. Valitor "is required to open a payment portal in accordance with its cooperation agreement" with DataCell.

Valitor Chief Executive Officer Vidar Thorkelsson didn't immediately respond to a call for comment after regular business hours.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the  incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of  other countries.  The only real difference, however, is how much power they have.  In America, their power is limited by democracy.  To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already  very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges.  They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did:  None.  So look to the colleges to see  what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way.  It would be a dictatorship.

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