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Another false rape claim from Britain

Such claims never seem to stop in Britain. At least they have the benefit of undermining feminist claims that women should always be believed about such things. Good that Britain puts them in jail too. The accusations are so heinous that they should in fact get the same sentence that the man would have got if convicted

Two friends who falsely claimed they were raped were jailed yesterday because the suspect had photos of them all having a threesome. Jennifer France, 24, and Kelly Weston, a 27-year-old mother, posed for saucy snaps on Enes Gozalan’s bed after meeting him in a pub.

A court heard they later made the false allegations because both had long-term boyfriends and were ashamed of what they had done.

Their 30-year-old victim was arrested and kept in custody for 18 hours because the pair claimed they had been raped multiple times.

As soon as Mr Gozalan was arrested, he produced his mobile phone and told officers he had photos to prove his innocence. He later told detectives: ‘The photographs show the girls were having a good time. I do not understand why they would make up something so nasty.’

Carolyn Branford-Wood, prosecuting, told Southampton Crown Court that Weston attended a police station two days after the alleged attack. ‘Miss Weston had been out with her brother’s girlfriend, Miss France, for a family meal,’ she said. ‘During the course of the evening they met two Turkish men. The four of them had been in a pub together and left together. ‘Miss Weston went on to claim that she had been raped by one of these men at his home. 'The following day Miss France also informed the police that she too had been raped by the same man.’

But she said Mr Gozalan’s phone showed ‘not only him engaged in sexual activity, but the two women too’. He was released on bail following his arrest on October 18 last year and later informed no further action would be taken.

Weston and France were arrested in January on suspicion of perverting the course of justice. In two interviews, Weston maintained she had been raped but, in a third, she broke down when she was shown the photographs.

Miss Branford-Wood added: ‘She said she had gone to Mr Gozalan’s house and had consensual sexual activity with both him and Miss France. In police interview Miss France said she had made up the account to cover up the fact she had had sex with someone who was not her boyfriend.’

In a statement read to the court Mr Gozalan said the incident had ruined his life. He added: ‘I was shocked when I was arrested for rape. My first thought was that I was pleased I kept the photographs, which showed the girls were having a good time. ‘I have faced threats of attack following the allegations and have had sleepless nights.’

France, of Southampton, and Weston, of nearby Eastleigh, each admitted a count of perverting justice. They were jailed for 20 months.

The court heard Weston accepted she had done wrong and feared going to jail because she wanted to look after her two children. Natalie Wood, defending France, said she had felt guilty about having sex with Mr Gozalan because she too had a boyfriend.

Passing sentence, Judge Peter Ralls QC told the pair: ‘The allegations you have made are of the most serious kind and were entirely false. ‘Although there had been sexual activity between you and Mr Gozalan and between you together, there was no force and it was consensual. ‘By supporting one another with these wicked allegations, you have aggravated matters. This man was at serious risk of being imprisoned for a long period of time, perhaps ten years, perhaps indeterminately.’


Homosexuals killing their partners in Massachusetts

The recent homicide of Casey Taylor has rocked the LGBTQ community. Winthrop resident, John Lacoy, stands accused of killing Casey Taylor in his bedroom and then hiding the body beneath his porch for weeks. The murder is Winthrop’s first known domestic violence homicide in recent memory. Taylor’s body was found Tuesday August 9th at 429 Winthrop Street. Lacoy and Casey were reported to be in a relationship that was described by Assistant District Attorney Ursula Knight as both "intimate and volatile.” Lacoy, 47, allegedly killed his 36-year-old partner and then sent a text message saying that Taylor "won’t be able to leech off me anymore.” Lacoy is being held without bail and is due to return to East Boston District Court on September 9th. Lacoy’s defense says that the plaintiff did not murder the victim, but rather killed him in self-defense. Attorney John Tardif claimed that there was "a violent struggle" during which Lacoy was compelled to kill the other man in order to preserve his own life.

Taylor’s murder marks the third known gay male domestic violence homicide in 5 months in Massachusetts and gay men now constitute 20% of all known confirmed/suspected domestic violence homicides in Massachusetts in 2011 to date. In March, 41 year-old Malden resident Michael Losee turned himself over to authorities in the wake of the stabbing death of his husband, 55 year-old Brian Bergeron. In April, James Costello was arraigned on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon for the murder of David Walton, both lived in the same building in the Taunton area while the murder was committed at a campground in Provincetown.

Domestic violence advocates have identified at least 7 known confirmed/suspected LGBTQ domestic violence-related homicides in Massachusetts in the past 17 months, including Taylor. In August 2010, Eunice Field of Brockton confessed to killing Lorraine Wachsman, who she blamed for breaking up Field’s relationship with her (Field’s) former girlfriend. In February 2010, a jury convicted Nicole Chuminski of setting fire to her girlfriend Anna Reisopolous’s apartment in South Boston, killing two of Reisopolous’s young children.

Still under investigation is the death of Annamarie Rintala of Granby whose body was found in March 2010 in the basement of the home she shared with her wife Cara Rintala and their child. She had been strangled and suffered blunt trauma to the head. Cara Rintala had been arrested in 2008 for punching Annamarie Rintala in the back of the head.

Advocates agree that these numbers are likely to be lower than the actual number of LGBTQ domestic violence-related homicides. “Because so many LGBTQ individuals feel compelled to hide their sexual orientation and/or gender identity just to get by, homicides that were actually domestic violence related may have been erroneously reported as being committed by a roommate or friend,” said Toni Troop, Director of Communications at Jane Doe Inc.


Outrage Over Religious Leaders’ Exclusion From 9/11 Memorial

As New York City’s ceremony to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 draws closer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made headlines Wednesday when his office confirmed no religious leaders would be allowed to participate in it.

The announcement drew particular outrage from Rudy Washington, who served as deputy mayor under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and organized an interfaith service at Yankee Stadium in the wake of the attacks. “This is America, and to have a memorial service where there’s no prayer, this appear to be insanity to me,” Washington told the Wall Street Journal. “I feel like America has lost its way.”

New York City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, a pastor at a Bronx church, said he was similarly shocked and disappointed that clergy would be excluded, feeling like it was “wiping out the recognition of the importance that spirituality plays on that day.”

But despite the fresh controversy, Bloomberg‘s position isn’t anything new. Religious leaders have never been included in the city’s official memorial. The Wall Street Journal reports:

"The mayor has said he wants the upcoming event to strike a similar tone as previous ceremonies. “There are hundreds of important people that have offered to participate over the last nine years, but the focus remains on the families of the thousands who died on Sept. 11,” said Evelyn Erskine, a mayoral spokeswoman.”

Still, Bloomberg critics have pointed out that the mayor has hardly taken a hands-off approach regarding religion. He was a vocal supporter of the so-called “Ground Zero mosque,” and earlier this month said he thinks religious symbols should be allowed at the 9/11 museum, even as an atheist group mounted a legal challenge to block the inclusion of a cross formed from steel beams found in the World Trade Center rubble.

The flap over religious leader participation is just the latest fall out regarding the ceremony. Last week, The Blaze reported this story about the decision not to allow 9/11 first responders to attend the ceremony. The mayor’s office gave a similar reason at the time as well, saying first responders have not been invited to any of the previous nine services, but critics said this was the first year they were specifically barred from attending at all.


Joey Vento: An Assimilation Warrior

Michelle Malkin

Blunt. Brash. Bold. Politically incorrect. Unapologetically patriotic. Philadelphia cheese-steak king Joey Vento was all that and a side of freedom fries. The 71-year-old owner of Geno's Steaks died of a heart attack this week, but he reignited a national debate over radical multiculturalism that will burn for years to come.

Five years ago, Vento garnered national headlines when a local newspaper profiled his outspoken views on customers who couldn't speak English. He hung a sign in his order window that read: "This is America. When ordering, speak English." Though he never turned anyone away, the grandson of Italian immigrants informed hungry patrons that he reserved the "right to refuse service" to those he couldn't understand.

No menus in 10 different languages. No dumbed-down pictographs for the idiocracy. The choice at Geno's is simple: Sink or swim. Learn English or eat somewhere else. "If you can't tell me what you want, I can't serve you," Vento told the Philadelphia Inquirer. "It's up to you. If you can't read, if you can't say the word 'cheese,' how can I communicate with you -- and why should I have to bend? I got a business to run."

Vento's refusal to coddle triggered a tsunami of complaints from self-appointed civil rights leaders. The ululations of the aggrieved resounded from sea to whining sea.

For exercising his constitutionally protected free speech, both the Philadelphia City Council and Philadelphia Human Relations Commission launched political inquisitions against Vento. Yes, it really happened in the home of Independence Hall. Members of the government bodies demanded that Vento remove his bald eagle-adorned sign and threatened to revoke his business license. After 21 months of investigation, a marathon seven-hour hearing and hysterical testimony likening his innocuous 4-inch-by-9-inch sign to "Jim Crow laws," he was cleared of discrimination charges.

Plainspoken as ever, Vento understood full well why the multi-culti mob wanted to gag him: "I say what everybody's thinking but is afraid to say."

As a fellow Philly-born loudmouth, I cheered Vento on for years during his battles with the anti-assimilationists. He weathered the same old slings, arrows and accusations of being a "racist," "xenophobe," "nativist" and immigrant-basher -- despite the fact that generations of assimilated immigrants and naturalized Americans agree with him. The vast majority of Americans support English as the official language of the United States. Latino parents in California revolted against "bilingual education" mandates that stuck their kids in Spanish-only classes.

Generations of successful immigrant families in America know English is the language of success, not the language of oppression. Yet, politicians in both parties have pandered ceaselessly to the language-Balkanizers.

The Clinton administration gave us Executive Order 13166, effectively requiring all government agencies to provide translations into any language on demand. Rather than rescind the order, the Bush administration went after localities and forced them to provide foreign language materials. In 2004, the Bush administration ordered Harris County, Texas, to provide all voter registration and election information and supplies, including the voting machine ballot, in Vietnamese, as well as English and Spanish.

Under the Obama administration, the Department of Justice threatened to cut off federal funding to the state of Oklahoma over a state constitutional amendment proposal to designate English as its official language. The Obama DOJ also has ordered my home state of Colorado to protect the interests of "language minority populations" by funding free translators for any foreigners -- legal or illegal -- who sue in civil cases here. In the same vein, the Philadelphia Human Rights Commission that tried to silence Vento distributes pamphlets asking "Are you a victim of discrimination?" in seven languages.

"Progressive" politicians pandering for votes treat non-English speakers as hopeless victims of white hegemony, instead of beneficiaries of the American dream. By contrast, small-business man Joey Vento promoted a common culture, a common tongue and common sense. We need more assimilation warriors like him to challenge the infantilizing Babel Lobby.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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