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Nasty British bureaucrats

Give ANY power to a British bureaucrat and it will be used to hurt people. It was perfectly proper to catch a wandering dog but there was NO need to put it down immediately. They would have done so only because they KNEW it was a fully registered family pet

A family was left devastated after their pet dog escaped from their home during a burglary - and was then put down by the council just two hours later.

It is thought four-year-old Lennox was startled by the intruder and ran out of the house in Weymouth, Dorset. Members of the public reported the Rottweiler-cross to police after he was spotted wandering the streets of Weymouth, Dorset.

Lennox was subsequently captured by officers and a council dog warden, who used a pole and noose to trap him before assessing him as 'vicious'. Despite the fact he had a microchip implant which would have identified him and his owners to vets, he was put to sleep.

The dog, described as a 'big softie' by its owners, was put down by a vet at 6pm - just two hours after the break-in. His worried family arrived home at 8pm and reported both the burglary and Lennox missing to the police. At first they were wrongly told Lennox was being held in council kennels but were later informed he had been put down.

Owner Sophie Johnston, 24, is livid that Lennox, who was micro-chipped, was put down so quickly without receiving so much as a phone call from the authorities.

Miss Johnston said the dog had been brought up with her two children Freya, six, and Khan, four, and added: 'He was a big softie. 'He was scared of the hoover and even our kittens used to bully him and throw him off his bed. 'He has got out before and we have called the dog warden as a precaution, so they have our number. 'He was micro-chipped. They should have at least called us. 'I could understand the decision if he had got out and hurt someone, but he didn't.'

Her family is now considering taking legal action against Weymouth and Portland Borough Council.

Miss Johnston had left Lennox at home while she and partner James Maskery, 21, went out for a few hours. While they were away family friend Andy James, 23, received a call from a neighbour to say Lennox was on the loose. He went to investigate and found the couple had been burgled.

Mr James said: "The front door was closed when I got there. I went round the back and called Lennox and tried to see if he was inside but he wasn't. 'I walked back round to the front and the front door was open. I think I must have disturbed whoever was in there.'

Over the next two hours Lennox was seen running through neighbouring streets, prompting residents to report a 'big dog' was on the loose. Lennox was eventually cornered by police and the council's dog warden Ian Lewis, who said the animal was 'having a go' at anything that went past him.

A spokesman for Weymouth and Portland Borough Council said they sympathised with Lennox's owners but they had acted in the interest of public safety. He said: 'We were left with no alternative given the actual and reported behaviour of the dog.


The untouchables: How violence and drugs go unpunished in Britain's care homes where all that matters are children's rights

When Winston Smith became a youth worker after leaving university, he was an idealistic liberal. But after ten depressing years of seeing disruptive children in care being indulged rather than disciplined, he’s written a devastating book exposing the truth about the anarchy in this country’s care homes

Well past midnight, a thuggish teenager called Liam is playing music in his bedroom at full volume. Three adults have spent 20 minutes cajoling him to ‘make the right choice’: in other words, to turn it down and let everyone get some sleep.

As they’ve been trained to do, they’ve praised him for those few hours in the past week when he wasn’t causing mayhem. But none of this works. It rarely does.

Liam has an angry, vacant look in his eye. Even threats don’t work. When I tell him he risks not going to Alton Towers this weekend, as planned, he roars: ‘B******s! I’ll be f***ing going. I’d like to see you try and stop me.’

If I dare to come into his room, he adds, ‘I’ll f***ing smash you right up!’

Everyone in the care home is awake now. Suddenly, a semi-feral 15-year-old appears at Liam’s door and hurls a 4kg dumb-bell at him, narrowly missing.

Provoking Liam — who, at just 15, is 6ft 2in and weighs 15st — can be unwise. In the past, he’s assaulted staff and gone on a wrecking spree simply for being asked politely to go to school.

What follows now is a hellish chase down a corridor. Fortunately, the dumb-bell thrower manages to barricade himself in a bedroom, along with two care-home workers and a pregnant teenager.

Liam starts furiously kicking the door down with his steel-toed boots. He’s also grabbed a frying pan from somewhere and is clearly intending to clobber the people cowering inside.

The door’s splintering and nearly off its hinges, but there’s nothing I can do except call the police. If I try to intervene physically, one of us will probably end up unconscious — and if it’s Liam, I know I’ll never work in social services again, regardless of the mitigating circumstances.

Welcome to the topsy-turvy world of care homes, where boys like Liam regularly get away with everything short of murder. During the many shifts I’ve worked at Charrington Place care home, he’s spat on me, threatened me with a home-made flame-thrower, thrown a clock at me and pelted me with eggs. He’s done variations of the same to pretty much everyone else.

On this particular night, the police arrive just in time to prevent a bloodbath, but conclude that there aren’t sufficient grounds for arrest.

The next day, Liam refuses to go to school. Instead, he’s taken for a walk in the countryside and then a row round a lake in the grounds of a stately home.

You might think this a highly inappropriate reward for attempted murder, and you’d be right. But the care system prefers always to look on the positive side. In the paperwork we have to fill out, Liam’s relaxing day is magically transformed into an ‘educational outing’.

On his return, he announces that he wants to go into town. ‘I don’t want to f***ing walk,’ he tells the care home manager. ‘Get me a car.’ The car isn’t available, so Liam begins rampaging around the house. He tears several paintings off the wall, throws a plate at me, slaps the manager, spits in my face, grabs me by the throat and spends a good hour trying to kick the office door down.

Later, he threatens to ‘mash’ me up while I’m asleep.

At the end of all this, he’s solemnly informed that he’s lost his £1 good behaviour incentive money for that day. Beyond that, though, he escapes censure; indeed, he’s told that if he behaves until Saturday, he’ll be taken to a nearby leisure centre.

Madness? Of course it is. Right across the country, the residential care system has been infected with an institutional and ideological form of insanity. As many as 90,000 children and young people pass through the care system in England every year, and 28 per cent are looked after in dedicated children’s homes. The average care home is small, with ten children or fewer, but I’ve seen some trying to keep tabs on more than 60 teenagers.

Much more HERE

It’s okay to be a sexist pig if you write for a liberal newspaper

Pittsburgh Tribune Review columnist Eric Heyl opined yesterday that the NRA will fail to attract new women shooters. According to Heyl, women are more interested in fashion than firearms, and firearms are not fashionable. Here’s some of Heyl’s comments:

“Spending several hundred dollars on a serviceable handgun might leave them without enough money to get the full treatment at that next visit to the day spa.”

“Carrying a gun in a small purse would leave less room for more important items, such as lipstick or compact.” “Gunpowder residue might stain the new Karen Scott blouse they just bought at Macy’s.”

Apparently, Heyl believes the little ladies simply can’t handle worrying their pretty little heads about icky topics as rape and self-defense. Or maybe, like many chauvinists, he feels threatened by the prospect of self-reliant women who don’t need protection by an insecure man, and who can provide the ultimate “NO” to unwanted advances by lizards operating under the delusion they are God’s gift to women?

The National Organization of Women issued no membership alerts to boycott the Tribune-Review. Curiously, there’s lots of copy on Rush Limbaugh, where they catalogue his “sexist offenses”.

Do you want to get in touch with your inner pig, but don’t want to face consequences? Get a job in liberal media first.


The Human Right Not To Be “Offended”

. . . now trumps all throughout the Western world.

In Australia, the columnist Andrew Bolt is on trial for the crime of “offending” prominent members of the taxpayer-remunerated “professional Aborigine” elite. One of the complainants simultaneously “offended” a fellow Aborigine by comparing her recent appearance on TV unfavorably to an act of equine bestiality, but that’s not actionable because no formally designated white people were involved — which was kind of Bolt’s point in the first place: Collective rights based on race, sex, orientation, and ideology (ie, religion) destroy the concept of equality before the law.

In Denmark, despite an earlier acquittal, Lars Hedegaard of the Danish Free Press Society is to be re-tried by the State for the crime of “offending” Muslims by discussing Islam’s treatment of women in a private conversation.

And in Canada the British Columbia “Human Rights” Tribunal has just fined a stand-up comic, Guy Earle, $15,000 for the crime of “offending” lesbians at a comedy club. They were drunk and were heckling him, and he unburdened himself of some putdowns. But they were homophobic putdowns, and so he must be punished. Earle was working for a fifty-buck bar tab and doesn’t have 15 grand, and no comedy club in Vancouver will hire him ever again. He donated money to a gay charity in atonement, but his fellow liberals abandoned him anyway.

In all the above “human rights” cases, the traditional protections of Common Law do not apply — whether the notion that truth is a defense or the principle of equality before the law. For the crime of giving offense is in the eye of the offended. A “multicultural” society needs not sensitivity training but insensitivity training — that’s to say, thicker skins. The alternative is what is happening in some of the oldest free societies on earth: a state ever more comfortable in regulating the citizenry’s speech, thoughts, and jokes. There’s a word for that, and it isn’t “diversity”.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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