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Feminist anti-Israel activists become "comfort women" for Arab men

A reasonable penalty for letting hate rule your brain

Two activists have exposed a disturbing phenomenon that they say is an open secret within the “peace camp”: female “peace” activists are routinely harassed and raped by the Arabs of Judea and Samaria with whom they have come to identify. They say the phenomenon has gotten worse lately and that many foreign women end up as wives of local Arabs against their will, but cannot escape their new homes.

Roni Aloni Sedovnik, a feminist activist, penned an article in News1 – an independent website run by respected investigative reporter Yoav Yitzchak – under the heading “The Left's Betrayal of Female Peace Activists Who were Sexually Assaulted.”

“A nauseous atrocity has been going on for a long time behind the scenes at the leftists' demonstration at Bil'in, Naalin and Sheikh Jarrah [Shimon HaTzaddik],” she writes. “A dark secret that threatens to smash the basic ideological values upon which the demand to end the occupation of the Territories rests.”

It turns out, she explains, that when female peace activists from Israel and abroad come out to Judea and Samaria and demonstrate against the Israeli “occupation,” they are assaulted sexually by the Arab men whom they have come to help. These are not isolated incidents, Aloni-Sedovnik stresses. Rather, this is an “ongoing and widespread” phenomenon that includes verbal and physical abuse. She accuses the 'peace' camp of purposely covering up the trend so as not to offend “the Palestinians and their heritage, which sees women as sexual objects.”

Media cover-up

Aloni-Sedovnik cites two specific cases which she has knowledge of – one is a case of rape and another is “severe sexual harassment.” The attackers in both cases, she stresses, were familiar with the victims and knew that they were “peace activists.”

The rape occurred several months ago in the village of Umm Salmona, near Bethlehem. The victim, an American activist, wanted to press charges but leftist activists put pressure on her not to do so, so as not to damage the struggle against the 'occupation.'

The second case involved an Israeli activist who took part in the demonstrations at Shimon HaTzaddik neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, where the High Court ruled that Jewish families may move into homes that they have owned for generations. This woman filed a complaint with the police but retracted it after “severe and unfair pressure” from the demonstrations' organizers, according to Aloni-Sedovnik. Furthermore, the organizers appealed to demonstrators to dress modestly when they come to the Arab neighborhoods and suggested that they wear head scarves.

Aloni-Sedovnik accuses the Israeli media of complicity in the cover-up.
“How is it that we do not hear the voice of the radical feminists who repeat, day and night, that occupation is occupation, and it does not matter if it is a nation that is doing the subjugation, or a man who is subjugating a woman?

"It appears that there is a gap between the radical-leftist feminist theory about the active resistance to the occupation of the Territories, and the stuttering self-annulment in the face of the violent conquest of women.”

The Umm Salmona case was reported in Haaretz as an attempted rape but does not seem to have made it beyond the blog pages.

Foreign women raped and subjugated

Earlier this year, a blogger and literature buff named Yehudah Bello, who writes in various venues about history and the theory of evolution, wrote a blog post with the striking title: “The Female Leftist Activists are Raped Day after Day, Night after Night.” Bello is no ultra-nationalist, and he supports the creation of a PA state – a fact which makes his claims all the more believable.

Most female leftist European activists, writes Bello, are brainwashed in their youth into hating Israel, and then sent directly into Judea and Samaria, without spending a single night in Tel Aviv, lest they see civilian Israeli society for themselves and find that they like it. They are whisked off to Shechem, Jenin and other PA towns and housed in Arab educational or cultural facilities, or private homes. Local Arab girls are sent to befriend them and they have no choice but to trust them.

It is thus easy, explains Bello, “to carry out a sexual crime against a foreign girl, in her first days away from her family, in a place where no police have ever visited. And this is what happens, and has happened.”

"I was told of such rape cases by women who are not Jewish: a female European leftist activist, a female Red Cross volunteer and a young Arab woman from Yafo,” he says. He says that he met these women when he carried out IDF reserve duty, and met them afterward as well. “They told me what goes on there, in the Palestinian villages, far from any prying eye.”

"These are not just cases of rape carried out to satisfy lust,” he writes. “Usually, they are carried out systematically in order to make the girl pregnant and then take her as a wife – after she converts to Islam, of course. We know about this system from the stories of women who underwent a similar process within Israel and escaped to Europe. But it is hard to escape from the Palestinian territories. Sometimes these women – some of whom are no longer young – are never allowed to leave their homes unaccompanied, in order to forestall their escape.”

If someone were to compare the list of foreign female activists who enter Judea and Samaria to the list of those who leave, Bello claims, the magnitude of the phenomenon would be proven. “Everyone knows about it, but no one dares talk about it. The Palestinians have been turned into martyrs. In the Middle Eastern television channels, IDF soldiers are represented as the brutal rapists, who rape Palestinian women.”

New Israel Fund involvement

The reports by Aloni-Sedovnik and Bello are of particular interest because feminist groups have been spearheading leftist activism in Israel for many years. According to Gila Svirsky, the former director of the New Israel Fund in Israel and founder of NIF-sponsored Women's Coalition for Peace, “women’s peace organizations, known collectively as the Israeli women’s peace movement, became the most vibrant and persistent part of the peace camp in Israel.” These groups espouse an ideology which equates militarism (by Israelis) with male domination of women. Far from being a fringe element, leftist-feminists of this ilk are a dominant force in the Israeli academic world, the press, the Knesset and the judicial system.


British police are ordered to protect 'Doggers' -- homosexuals engaging in public sex

Britain sure has lost it

Police have been ordered to stop anyone taking in part in illegal outdoor sex being abused or verbally taunted as it can cause them to suffer post traumatic stress.

An extraordinary new Hate Crime Guidance Manual has been handed to officers telling them to arrest anyone suspected of committing a hate crime against those engaged in ‘dogging’.

Although it notes that outdoor sex can have an ‘impact on the quality of life of people using these locations for leisure pursuits’ - for example dog walkers and tourists - the rights of those cottaging, cruising or dogging must be taken into account by officers.

It states that even though ‘outdoor sex is unlawful’, people who take part in it still have rights which protect them from becoming victims of hate crime.

The manual, issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers of Scotland last week, states that people who take part in open-air sex are ‘more susceptible to hate crime’ and can suffer ‘post traumatic stress and depression’ if they are abused, Police Review revealed.

The 60-page guide states: 'The issues surrounding public sex environments can be complex and consequently provide a challenge for the police. 'Whilst complaints regarding consensual public sex must be considered and responded to, it must also be noted that people engaging in such activity are potential targets for hate crime perpetrators.'

It states that doggers can be ‘reluctant to report victimisation in outdoor sex environments’ and says this is ‘due to a misconception that the police will primarily be interested in why they were there, as opposed to tackling hate or prejudice motivated crime’.

It goes on to say that hate crime can have a ‘lasting impact on individual victims’, adding that ‘crime targeted at an individual’s core identity also has the potential to undermine entire communities and damage community confidence in the police’.

The guide adds: 'Research has shown that any victim of crime can suffer symptoms of depression, anger, anxiety and post traumatic stress. 'Victims of non-biased crime can experience a decrease in these symptoms within two years (but) victims of bias, or hate crime, may need as long as five years to overcome their ordeal.'

In 2008, the then deputy chief constable of Lancashire Police Michael Cunningham - now the Chief Constable of Staffordshire Police - issued guidance cautioning officers against ‘knee-jerk’ reactions when dealing with doggers and saying they should only be prosecuted as a ‘last resort’.

The most recent changes were made to the ‘Managing Public Sex Environments’ policy last month, and top brass say the policy has been ‘completely re-written’ following consultation with relevant groups and ‘new Association of Chief Police Officer guidance’.

It states that the new policy applies to all cops dealing with ‘public sex environments’, adding that the policy aims to ‘improve our effectiveness and the quality of service provided by the police service when policing public sex environments’ to ensure a ‘consistent, well managed, proportionate and professional approach to public sex environments’ is taken by officers.

The manual says that ‘human rights of all citizens’ must be protected and that the policy covers ‘any open space, public or private that is habitually used for the purpose of engaging in consensual same sex and opposite sex, sexual activity’, including public toilets.

It states that previous policing methods had ‘adversely affected’ the relationship between cops and people having outdoor sex and that the old methods ‘discouraged users from reporting crime to police’, leading to many unreported robberies, assaults and verbal abuse of doggers.

Les Gray, the chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, told Police Review magazine today: 'I do not believe that our officers require a 60-page booklet to tell them that we should carry out our duties without fear, favour, malice or ill will. 'No matter what the circumstances our officers will always do their upmost to prevent crime in the first instance and where a crime has been committed assist the victim and endeavour to detect the culprit.

'Just because someone engages in unusual or different activities it does not preclude them from the protection of the law. 'By the same token it doesn’t mean that they will get more protection by doing so.'

One Kent officer, who did not want to be named, said: 'So now we are being told not just to turn a blind eye to public indecency, we are being told to arrest anyone who has anything bad to say against people taking part in outdoor sex.

'It’s getting to the stage that people who break the law have more rights than the normal man or woman on the street, and as for them suffering from post traumatic stress, what about the people who witness these exhibitions and are shocked by it? What about their rights.'

Hugh McKinney, of the National Family Campaign, said: 'There is a good reason that we have laws against these types of sexual behaviour in public, namely that they are deemed to be beyond what is acceptable to most reasonable people. 'Is it too much for us to expect the police to enforce the law? After all, they’re the only ones who can.'

Chief Constable Ian Latimer, of Scotland’s Northern Constabulary - which patrols the Scottish Highlands - said: 'Hate crime divides our communities and has a devastating effect on victims, their family members and the wider community.

'The manual, developed in consultation with partner agencies and victim support charities gathers best practice and provides officers with guidance on how recognise and investigate hate crime to secure the desired outcome and results for all parties involved.'

Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 those who take part in ‘dogging’, where couples meet up for exhibitionist outdoor sex, and cottaging, where men meet for sex in public lavatories, face arrest for outraging public decency, voyeurism and exposure.


Cosseted British bureaucrats to lose some of their privileges

Millions of public sector staff face working until they are in their 70s to fund gold-plated pension schemes branded 'inherently unfair' by a hard-hitting report, it was claimed last night.

Labour former minister Lord Hutton said state workers – who can currently retire as young as 55 – will be forced to pay more and receive less on retirement. He gave ministers the green light to demand extra pension contributions from staff from as early as April. And his interim report also pronounced the end of final salary schemes – sparking threats of strikes from the unions.

Public sector pensioners could suffer some of the pain that their counterparts in the private sector are already facing. Critics say there is pensions apartheid between the public and private sectors.

Lord Hutton was asked to investigate the public sector pensions crisis by the Coalition. Taxpayers are currently liable for between £770billion and £1trillion in payouts and the gap between annual employee contributions and the promised rewards is running at £10billion a year.

Lord Hutton said that when he published his final recommendations next spring it is his ‘intention’ to suggest that the retirement age should rise in line with life expectancy projections. He said it was ‘logical’ to bring the public sector retirement age into line with the state pension age, which the Government has already said will rise to 68.

Lord Hutton will publish a formula linking public sector retirement age and longevity to ensure civil servants don’t spend nearly 30 years living on pensions.

He said he was ‘nervous’ about fixing a new retirement date for Britain’s six million public sector workers ‘to a definite age because longevity is marching ahead’. He added: ‘I think we’ve got to look at this as a matter of urgency.’

In 1841, someone who reached the age of 60 could expect to live to 74. Today, they will typically die at the age of 84. By 2055, a 65-year-old female public sector worker is predicted to live until she is nearly 95. A man will typically get to 92.

John Prior, of pensions firm Punter Southall, said he predicts the normal retirement age will get to ‘70 at least’. He said: ‘Just because a policeman can’t be on the beat at 55 does not mean that they cannot be doing some other job.’

In a further blow for state workers, they will be forced to start paying more of their salary into a pension scheme, which many currently get virtually for free.

Lord Hutton said the low-paid, understood to be those earning around £21,000, should be protected from higher payments. The Armed Forces, who do not pay a penny into their pension, will also be ring-fenced in the short-term.

But Lord Hutton said there is ‘a strong case’ to increase other contributions for a pension scheme which he yesterday branded as totally unaffordable – and getting more expensive every day.

In his 170-page report, he said that Britain has no choice but to change State workers’ pension schemes, or leave future taxpayers with an unaffordable burden.

He said: ‘It is my clear view that the figures in this report make it plain that the status quo is not tenable.’

That decision gives Chancellor George Osborne political cover to demand higher payments from state workers during the public spending review later this month. He could raise £1billion for every 1 per cent he adds to the payments. Mr Osborne said the report was ‘impressive’ and called for a ‘consensus’ on how to solve the crisis.

In a third blow, the report spells the end for lucrative final salary pensions, which promise to pay workers a percentage of their earnings on retirement. Lord Hutton said they are ‘inherently unfair’ and must be scrapped and replaced with cheaper alternatives, such as a ‘career average’ scheme or one which abandons the link to earnings entirely.

The report lays bare the bleak facts about public sector pensions in a country where less than a third of private sector workers get a company pension. Public sector workers are able to look forward to an average workplace pension of £7,841 – but the majority of private sector workers get nothing.

The report also lifts the lid on the gold-plated retirements of an exclusive bunch of State workers. Nearly 3,000 get a pension of ‘at least £67,000’ a year, with eight in ten of them working for the Health Service. A further 34,252 receive a pension worth ‘at least £37,000’.

By comparison, the majority of single pensioners in Britain, mostly retired private sector workers and stay-at-home mothers, are being forced to survive on pension income of ‘less than £27’ a day.

Lord Hutton’s plans triggered outrage among unions and are likely to lead to strikes. Bob Crow, general secretary of the Rail Maritime and Transport union, said: ‘This attack on the people who make this country tick will spark a furious backlash and will drive millions on to the streets in French-style protests to stop the great pensions robbery.’

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union, said the report represents a ‘grossly unfair’ attack on State workers ‘drawn up on behalf of a Cabinet of millionaires’.


Saudi prince accused in brutal murder of servant finds he's not above the law in Britain

This story is instructive on many levels. First, this Saudi prince likely figured he could beat the murder rap with a few phone calls, intervention from the embassy, and a quick flight back to Riyadh. In other words, he was acting above the law, with his servant entirely subject to his whims, as is clearly shown in an assault caught on surveillance camera at the link to the story below.

Secondly, regarding the "sexual aspect" the report details, as demonstrated by the type of injuries found on the servant's body, one must point out that the consequence of homosexuality under Sharia is often death, in potentially macabre, imaginative ways:
"Gay people should be thrown head first off high buildings and if not killed on hitting the ground, they should be then stoned to death." - Minhaj al-Muslim (The Way of the Muslim)

And Muhammad himself said: "If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done" (Sunan Abu Dawud 38.4447).

At least, that is the fate that threatens those in Muslim countries who happen not to be princes, or wealthy, or well-connected.

The aforementioned video footage, as well as the coroner's report, suggest the abuse had been going on for some time. Had the servant died in Saudi Arabia, accounts of his death may never have seen the light of day. It would be entirely the prince's word against his. And if he so chose, or found it necessary, the prince could have offered diyya, or blood money prescribed according to Islamic law, in order to get away scot-free.

But in Britain, justice can actually be done for the servant. And so, this case underscores by contrast how Sharia stacks the deck against justice for the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable, who bear the brunt of Sharia's rule more heavily. That includes both the victims, and those accused who cannot buy or schmooze their way out of trouble.

"'Sexual element' in Saudi prince's servant killing," from BBC News, October 4:
A Saudi prince murdered his servant in an attack which had a "sexual element", the Old Bailey has heard.

Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, was found beaten and strangled in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, central London, on 15 February.

The court was told Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud had carried out several assaults on the victim before he died.

Mr al Saud, 34, admits manslaughter but denies murder and one count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The jury has been asked to decide whether he is guilty of manslaughter or murder.

When the body was found the prince claimed his aide had been attacked and robbed three weeks before his death.

But the jury was told Mr al Saud carried out the killing - and injuries including bite marks to Mr Abdulaziz's face showed the "ferocity of the attack to which he had been subjected".

The prince has claimed he was "friends and equals" with his servant and denied being gay.

Jonathan Laidlaw QC, prosecuting, said: "The evidence establishes quite conclusively that he is either gay or that he has homosexual tendencies.

"It is clear that his abuse of Bandar was not confined simply to physical beatings.

"There is clear evidence, over and above the bite marks, that there was also a sexual element to his mistreatment of the victim."

The court heard that the prince and his aide had been staying together at the hotel since 20 January as part of an extended holiday.

Mr Abdulaziz's body was found with blood on the pillow and the defendant appeared "shocked and upset", the court heard.

Mr al Saud told police officers they had been drinking in the hotel bar until the early hours of the morning before returning to the room and that when he woke at about 1500 GMT he could not rouse the victim.

The prince had tried to clean up some of the blood and wash some of Mr Abdulaziz's bloodstained clothing, Mr Laidlaw said.

'Sexual connotation'

Bloodstains found in the room were "consistent with the victim having been the subject of a series of separate assaults before he was killed", the jury heard.

Asked by police about the injuries suffered by the victim, Mr al Saud said he had been robbed three weeks earlier on Edgware Road, in central London.

But CCTV footage showed the prince attacking his servant in the lift of the hotel on two separate occasions in previous weeks and kicking him outside a restaurant on the night of his death.

The post-mortem examination showed Mr Abdulaziz had suffered heavy blows to his head and face, leaving his left eye closed and swollen, his lips split and his teeth chipped and broken.

There were also injuries to his neck, ears and internal organs, bleeding to the brain and a rib fracture.

"There were bite marks to his cheeks, which had 'an obvious sexual connotation," Mr Laidlaw said.



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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