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If you read enough stories about Arab mobs attempting to lynch Jews in Israel, you notice a few common themes:

1--Use of very young children (or women) to freeze the "Yahud" target;

2--A team of older killers who step forward when the kids have completed their task;

3--Redundant camerawork to ensure that an anti-Jewish narrative can be fabricated from the incident, no matter what actually happened.

Considering this history, we can only imagine the horrific scene that would have ensued had David Be'eri (who was driving with his young son in the car with him) not STEPPED ON THE GAS and unhesitatingly knocked aside the little soulless human sandbag who was attempting to hurl a rock through his windshield from 5 feet away. Note carefully the details of this episode:

1--At .03, a friendly chat with a local driver (indicating neighborhood support for and knowledge of the planned lynching). Also, you can count no less than 6 pre-teen human sandbags, most wearing designer jeans. (Didn't the Khmer Rouge specialize in exploiting children as killers?)

2--Five of the kids run up the street directly at the honking car (.08-.10). But the car doesn't stop, so the murderous plan is disrupted.

3--Two OLDER "Asian youths" move in to hurl more rocks from closer to the car. (.15-.17)

4--At least five adults (not including the cameraman for this video) holding notably sophisticated, expensive cameras position themselves to get various better angles (.13-.21). These people are almost surely with the Palestinian Authority, not alJazeera.

5--The entire rear window of Mr. Be'eri's car is smashed out (.22-.25).

6--A team of older people who seem to be in charge take it upon themselves to bundle the little cretin into a van--notice his hands on the door (.37-.45) as they put him in. Does it look like he wants to get rescued?

Keep this failed Pallywood scene in mind as you read or watch the monotonous dirge of stories from lamestream media morons denouncing the arrogant-brutal-racist-insensitive-violent-provocative behavior of "extremist Jewish settlers" towards their peaceful Arab neighbors. Also, never forget that death by stoning ("lapidation") is an ancient Arab custom that is still popular to this day.

By the way, if the comments on this YouTube video are any indication, Israel may have turned a corner in terms of non-Jewish sympathy for the Arabs. I've never seen the words "I wished the kid died" posted so many times in one place.


Muslim Brotherhood Declares War on America; Will America Notice?

Barry Rubin

This is one of those obscure Middle East events of the utmost significance that is ignored by the Western mass media, especially because they happen in Arabic, not English; by Western governments, because they don't fit their policies; and by experts, because they don't mesh with their preconceptions.

This explicit formulation of a revolutionary program makes it a game-changer. It should be read by every Western decisionmaker and have a direct effect on policy because this development may affect people's lives in every Western country.

OK, enough of a build-up? Well, it isn't exaggerated. So don't think the next sentence is an anticlimax. Here we go:

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood has endorsed (Arabic) (English translation by MEMRI) anti-American Jihad and pretty much every element in the al-Qaida ideology book. Since the Brotherhood is the main opposition force in Egypt and Jordan as well as the most powerful group, both politically and religiously, in the Muslim communities of Europe and North America this is pretty serious stuff.

By the way, no one can argue that he merely represents old, tired policies of the distant past because the supreme guide who said these things was elected just a few months ago. His position reflects current thinking.

Does that mean the Egyptian, Jordanian, and all the camouflaged Muslim Brotherhood fronts in Europe and North America are going to launch terrorism as one of their affiliates, Hamas, has long done? No.

But it does mean that something awaited for decades has happened: the Muslim Brotherhood is ready to move from the era of propaganda and base-building to one of revolutionary action. At least, its hundreds of thousands of followers are being given that signal. Some of them will engage in terrorist violence as individuals or forming splinter groups; others will redouble their efforts to seize control of their countries and turn them into safe areas for terrorists and instruments for war on the West.

When the extreme and arguably marginal British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary says that Islam will conquer the West and raise its flag over the White House, that can be treated as wild rhetoric. His remark is getting lots of attention because he said it in English in an interview with CNN. Who cares what he says?

But when the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood says the same thing in Arabic, that's a program for action, a call to arms for hundreds of thousands of people, and a national security threat to every Western country.

The Brotherhood is the group that often dominates Muslim communities in the West and runs mosques. Its cadre control front groups that are often recognized by Western democratic governments and media as authoritative. Government officials in many countries meet with these groups, ask them to be advisers for counter-terrorist strategies and national policies, and even fund them.

President Barack Obama speaks about a conflict limited solely to al-Qaida. And if one is talking about the current military battle in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen that point makes sense. Yet there is a far bigger and wider battle going on in which revolutionary Islamists seek to overthrow their own rulers and wage long-term, full-scale struggle against the West. If it doesn't involve violence right now it will when they get strong enough or gain power.


Huge bureaucratic waste by Britain's Left

Labour wasted hundreds of millions of pounds on empty offices and mobile phones for the most junior civil servants, it will be revealed today.

Sir Philip Green, who has been brought in by the Tories to eradicate government waste, says taxpayers may even have paid for officials’ personal calls on their free BlackBerrys.

The owner of Topshop and BHS will today publish a report exposing how departments sometimes have no idea what they are spending public money on.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude, who has seen the report, said it showed that financial controls across Whitehall are ‘lamentably bad’. The Government could use the report as justification for a massive round of cuts to departments.

David Cameron caused controversy in August when he appointed Sir Philip to produce the report on how government could make better use of its assets, property and kit. His Lib Dem coalition partners – led by Chris Huhne – were annoyed because the Topshop owner is rumoured to have avoided paying UK tax.

The report will show that public sector bodies are spending £10million a year on empty offices, including space in Victoria, central London, for the Highways Agency.

The billionaire has found that thousands of officials get free BlackBerrys and other mobiles, despite working nine-to-five at their desks. And he says millions of pounds are being wasted because police authorities are paying over the odds for uniforms.

An official said: ‘Sir Philip was also amazed that different police authorities order the same uniforms separately from the same suppliers. They could be saving millions of pounds if they bought in bulk.’

His study will show that different departments are paying massively varying prices for the same furniture, office supplies and computers.Sir Philip also looked at spending on advertising, consultants and PR.

Mr Maude said he would be introducing strict limits and rules on spending. For example, every IT project worth more than £1million would have to be signed off by him.

A Downing Street source said: ‘Sir Philip has found waste on just about every item you could imagine a government department spending money on – desks, computers, pens. You name it, it’s there.’

Sir Philip and his wife are worth more than £4billion. Energy secretary Mr Huhne has said his appointment as advisor had sent the ‘wrong message’. He has said: ‘Philip Green could clearly, if he were to arrange his tax affairs in a different manner and spend rather more time in the country, be paying rather a lot more tax.’


Three years in jail without trial. India? Africa? China? Russia? No: Australia

Bureaucracy works its usual evil in Australia too: The death of a prisoner in a Queensland jail prompts the question: why was he still awaiting trial after almost three years inside? The evidence seems to point to his involvement in a death. But what if he was innocent?

What do we know about Adam Cartledge? Not a lot except that police reckon he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Michelle Rigg. His best friend, a bloke named Arran Jeffries, couldn't believe it when his mate was charged. saying he was "not a violent person" Whether he changed his mind when Cartledge allegedly led police to her body in a shallow grave is not recorded.

However, we do know is that all this happened almost three years ago, Rigg, 28, was reported missing on November 26, 2007, three days alter she disappeared from a duplex she shared with Cartledge, 39. Cartledge appeared in Southport Magistrates Court on December 3, 2007, charged with her murder.

Last Tuesday, Cartledge was found dead in his cell at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre. The cause has not yet been made public but there are no suspicious circumstances. But there are disgraceful circumstances because Cartledge was still being held awaiting trial almost three years after he was arrested. He wasn't due to appear in court again until June next year.

He may have been a vicious killer but the fact is that he hadn't been found guilty of anything - not even jaywalking - yet he had been banged up in prison for almost three years. A legal maxim has it that justice delayed is justice denied. Cartledge wasn't just denied justice, he didn't even catch a glimpse of it.

And, somewhere, are family and friends who will never see Ms Rigg's memory receive justice. Cartledge, Ms Rigg and the community have been badly served by a system that allowed this to happen. The original police inquiry was pretty standard, with Cartledge charged fairly pronto and Ms Rigg's remains found not long after. Yet, it was almost a year later that Cartledge appeared in court and was committed for trial.

In February this year - you do the sums - he appeared in the Supreme Court before Justice Peter Applegarth. There, prosecutor Belinda Merrin was granted an adjournment on behalf of both the Crown and the defence so a singlet found on Ms Rigg's body could be further examined and a pathologists report could be gathered. This would take six months!

What choice did Justice Applegarth have, when both the Crown and the defence sought the adjournment in the pursuit of justice as they saw it? The best efforts of men and women of intellect, learning, integrity and goodwill unwittingly led to events that delayed justice until eternity.

No one is to blame but we are entitled to wonder about the workloads and/or efficiencies of the courts, the prosecution and the defence that made these delays inevitable. And we are entitled to wonder about the adequacy and the funding of scientific inquiry in Queensland that judicial exhibits and evidence have to be examined in Victoria and take so long

It's not a new issue but it refuses to go away. In this case, the inadequacies have followed a man to his grave. The evidence seems to point to Cartledge's involvement in Ms Rigg's death, or at least in the disposal of her body. It was sufficient for him to be committed for trial. But what if he were innocent? Magna Carta guaranteed: "To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice."

In this case, no rights were sold or refused, but justice was patently denied to both Cartledge and Ms Rigg. And it is denied to many others, with reports that prisoners in Queensland spend on average 6.4 months in custody compared with 5.9 months in Victoria and NSW.

Sympathy for Cartledge will be limited but these sorts of disgraceful delays might be more important to our confidence in the legal system than any passing anger about the fate of a few kiddie-fiddlers. An inquiry is needed if justice is to be anything more than a theoretical concept in Queensland.

The article above by Terry Sweetman appeared (print only) in the Brisbane "Sunday Mail" on 10 October, 2010


Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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