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British Prison Bans Crucifix From New Chapel to Avoid Offending Muslim Inmates

A British prison has decided not to include a crucifix in the decor of its new chapel for fear of offending Muslim inmates.

The `multi-faith space' at HMP Lewes is divided in two sections, according to the Daily Mail. One half-features heated footbaths for Muslim worshipers; the other side, dedicated to Christian prayer, features a removable altar and a plain wooden cross - also removable.

Plans to include the traditional Christian crucifix were erased from the chapel's blueprints on the advice of a Muslim imam, the Daily Mail reported. "We see this as a vastly improved facility and very much welcome the fact that the prison has an imam." Amanda Hamblin, chair of the prison's Independent Monitoring Board told the Mail."

A source from the prison disagreed, reportedly telling the Mail, "It's just the normal PC brigade poking its nose in when it isn't needed."



SHARIA law will "inevitably" become part of the legal system and work should begin now to incorporate it into British law, a leading barrister said last night. Stephen Hockman, QC, former chairman of the Bar Council, spoke at a meeting organised by the website Islam4UK, where another speaker was Anjem Choudary, former head of banned fanatical group al-Muhajiroun.

Sharia law has become associated with executions, stonings and hands being cut off. But Mr Hockman told the Daily Express: "Given our substantial Muslim population, it is vital that we look at ways to integrate Muslim culture into our traditions. "Otherwise we will find that there is a significant section of our society which is increasingly alienated, with very dangerous results. "There should perhaps be a standing committee comprising Parliamentarians, lawyers and religious leaders to consider how this could be achieved and what legal changes might be framed."

The meeting was held at the National Liberal Club in Whitehall. Mr Hockman added of Sharia law: "The position of women is one area where the emphasis is, to say the least, rather different. "I am also sometimes confronted by those who point out that there are elements within the Muslim community who pose a threat to our very security. "My answer is not to dispute them but to suggest that it is for those of us forming part of the majority community to take active steps to address such problems."


Mumbai and the 'Peace Camp'

They are ignoring the Jewish victims

The Mumbai massacre offers yet another reminder that many Israeli and American Jewish "peaceniks," despite all their moralistic and idealistic blather, have hearts of stone. All too many self-described `progressive' Jews seem to have a fanatical hatred for their fellow Jews in the Land of Israel, simply because they happen to reside on the wrong side of an arbitrary political dividing line. In practice, these people give propaganda aid and comfort to the extreme-right-wing, fascist-Islamist terrorists, who are violently opposed to all genuinely progressive and humane values. Even now they are ignoring the Jewish victims of radical Islamist mass murderers in Mumbai.

Friends of Israel should learn that the so-called `peace camp' are really wolves in sheep's clothing. They work constantly to undermine the security of Israel, America's only true ally in the Middle East.

Peace Now is a vociferous voice among those advocating the forcible expulsion and ethnic cleansing of Jews from their homes inside the historic Jewish heartland. Their response is emblematic of the Jewish `peace camp.' They manufacture counterfeit moral credentials and exploit their origins in order to influence US foreign policy against Israel. was notably slow to even mention the Mumbai massacre. Even its meager acknowledgment of it was placed in the seventh position from the top, well below their primary news items, which were mainly focused on attacking Jews whom they denigrate with their hostile term "settlers". Their web site showed one lit candle with an associated article that began with the following two quotes:

1) "APN (i.e., Americans for Peace Now) sends condolences to the people of India, and to the families of Israeli, American and other nationals who were murdered by terrorists in Mumbai." This single sentence was the entire response of to the atrocity.

2) "Former senior Mossad analyst Yossie Alper offers a commentary on the lessons that Israel can learn from the Mumbai attacks." In this article, Alper talks mostly logistics, population comparisons, coast lines, politics, history, security, etc., without naming a single victim.

The single sentence response of appeared well after other outlets had provided in-depth coverage of the facts, the implications and the human face of the story. offered only the single word "condolences" for all the victims, as if their reservoir of compassion had been totally depleted and they were slow to even offer that crumb of sympathy. It seems as if something inside these people gags at any genuine show of compassion for Jewish victims. found plenty of words to attack and dehumanize Jews, though. In extensive articles, which preceded their scant mention of Mumbai, they denigrated Jewish men, women and children with terms like "illegal settlers", "Hebron squatters" and "settler violence". This is the same political tactic long used by Nazi, Communist and Islamist propagandists to first deny the humanity of their intended victims in preparation for their persecution. The Israeli Left also employed this tactic in first dehumanizing the Jewish residents of Gaza leading up to their brutal expulsion. decided that the following information, which was carried by both Jewish and non-Jewish media throughout the world, was not worth mentioning on their site.

None of the readily available names or photos of the Jewish victims was posted or even mentioned by This organization's board of directors includes many with Jewish surnames and even a few rabbis. But authentic Jews always recognize the humanity of the dead by at least remembering their names. It is typical of the 'peaceniks,' however, to erase from memory and from history those whom they target or just don't care about. This amounts to a sort of execution by silence. chose the anti-Judaic path of erasing even the memory of the dead victims.

There was no mention that Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka were horribly tortured prior to being executed. No mention of the extreme heroism of the Indian nanny, Sandra Samuel, who risked her life to save two-year-old Moshe, who, according to reports, also showed signs of being beaten. No mention of any others who were slaughtered because they were Jewish.

There was no mention of the name Chabad and their humanitarian outreach to all Jews, and to Gentiles as well, lest Chabad receive any recognition for their good deeds. The Israeli and diaspora Jewish 'peace camp' also evinces an irrational hostility to Jews of strong religious faith as well as to religious Christians, whom they often unfairly accuse of being "racists" and "opposed to peace." It makes no sense at all from a "progressive" point of view to denigrate peaceful Jews and Christians engaged in humanitarian and charitable work, while winking at the cruelty of the radical Islamist militants.

No mention that the terrorists were Muslims who had specifically targeted Chabad House to kill Jews who were not "settlers" living in the so-called "occupied territories". They prefer to ignore the reality that Muslim terrorists regard all Jews as targets, no matter where they live or what they believe.

Other web sites responded with appeals for funds to assist the orphans from at least two families and to rebuild the damaged Chabad House in Mumbai. Peace Now is always collecting funds for their political activities, but they offered no charity for Jews in need. The Jewish term for charity is tzedaka, but that word is missing from the vocabulary of the 'peace camp.'

There was not one word of personal sadness or remorse for the loss of the Jewish kedoshim (saintly people) of Mumbai from a single member of the leadership of Israel treats captured terrorists far better than has treated the memory of these Jewish victims.


Anglicans give Christmas a multicultural makeover

The Church of England has backed plans to turn Christmas into a more multicultural event

It may have become traditional for angels, three wise men and the baby Jesus to play a starring role in the festive season. But now Hindu snowmen, a Chinese dragon and a Jewish temple are also to be included in an attempt to make the celebrations more inclusive of Britain's diverse communities. Westminster Abbey will unveil life-size snowmen that Anglican clergy hope will help to improve relations and dialogue between other faiths. Dressed in turbans, with bindi dots on their foreheads, they are intended to demonstrate that Christmas should not be exclusively for Christians.

The Rev Jane Hedges, a canon at the abbey, said that it was important to encourage people from other faiths to join in the celebrations. "We've done this as it creates a good opportunity for Christians to meet and hear about the stories of people of other faiths," she said. "Christmas is an opportunity for everyone to stop and think and is a great opportunity for the different faiths to talk to one another. "Wherever you're coming from there should be something to celebrate at Christmas."

She pointed out that for Muslims they can appreciate the story of Christ's birth because it is included in the Koran, adding that the Hindu snowmen were not an attempt to dumb down. "Strictly speaking, the message of Christmas is about the birth of Christ, but it has a much broader message of peace and goodwill."

Meanwhile in the diocese of Liverpool, a nativity is being staged that features a Chinese dragon and lantern procession. It has been backed by the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, who is taking part in the event via a big screen. The nativity, which is being performed in Scouse, marks the end of Liverpool's year as the capital of culture. Annie Spiers, who co-ordinated the event, said that the nativity aimed to give "a fresh slant" to a familiar story.

However, some traditionalists warned that making Christmas multicultural and multi-faith threatened to undermine the Christian message. Alison Ruoff, a General Synod member, said: "Christmas is a time for everyone, but the Church needs to be confident in its message, which is that Christ came to save people of all faiths and none." She added: "Why are they putting such a ridiculous spin on Christmas? It's a nonsense and makes me really quite cross."

The Rev Rod Thomas, chair of Reform - a leading evangelical group, also expressed concern. "People want Christians to celebrate Christmas without compromise," he said. "It's only by doing this that people of other faiths respect what we stand for, not by attempting to introduce something that is sub-Christian. "This all seems very bizarre."



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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