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Europe Cannot Begin Again

Excerpt from Jon N. Hall

Europe is committing suicide. A century ago, however, the nations of Europe were the Masters of the Universe. Their far-flung empires girded the globe. Europe had the biggest, the best, and the most of everything. Then everything went to hell. The relatively peaceful century after Napoleon I ended with World War I, which led to WWII. Europe lost her preeminence and her empires, and fell under the protectorate of a former colony.

Europe was brought low by a century of horrible political leadership. From Asquith, to Wilhelm II, to Clemenceau, to Chamberlain, to the fascists, to de Gaulle, to the traitors of The Euro-Arab Dialogue, to the bureaucrats at EU headquarters, Europe's leaders have been one disaster after another. For every Churchill there's been a gaggle of scoundrels, incompetents, and dummies with delusions of national, if not personal, grandeur.

Europe is a fallen continent. Her blunders, failures, and sins over the last century are legion. The most cataclysmic events of the last century all started in Europe, dragging in the rest of the world and killing millions. The Holocaust was not so very long ago, yet naked anti-Semitism is again common in Europe. European Jewry is again under attack, and Jews are again emigrating. Europe seems to have learned nothing.

But today Europe has made a stunning reversal: Instead of marching on her neighbors, Europe is allowing herself to be trampled on. Europe now suffers from an entirely new disorder: the terminal disease of "softness". Except for the Brits, the Euros have only token militaries. They can't project power, not like the American military. So the Euros shamelessly sit back and let America defend them. They couldn't even handle the breakup of Yugoslavia without American help. Perhaps all the fight got bred out of the Euros with the loss of generations of young warriors at places like Kursk and the Somme. (The loss of so much good European manhood might also explain why Europe hasn't produced a Mozart lately.)

Make no mistake: Europe IS committing suicide. But then the Euros have been working on this little project since 1914. Only now they're getting serious about it, stepping up the pace. And they seem helpless to reverse course.

The demographers have done the math, and it is well nigh certain that unless something is done, and soon, Muslim immigration and breeding, combined with the low birthrates of native Europeans, will transform Europe into a Muslim-majority continent in this century. Europe will cease being Europe. Europe will become Eurabia. The wellspring of Western Civilization will be-gone. And it will stand as the greatest tragedy in history.

So did America actually sacrifice the lives of 405,000 of her brave boys in WWII just so Europe could be taken over by barbarians led by insane medieval religious zealots

More and more the answer is trending yes. But speaking of sacrifice, let's not forget the 116,000 American military deaths in the Great War, the 1.4 million American military casualties in both World Wars, and the countless billions of Yankee dollars spent since 1917 on behalf of this suicidal continent. Has America been a bunch of patsies?

Here's Bruce Bawer quoting Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard on Europe's future:

Unless they build up a cadre of intellectuals in Europe who can think," he said, America "can kiss Europe good-bye." The Continent's future, he predicted, "is going to be vastly different than we imagine.. It's going to be war. Like Lebanon," with some enclaves dominated by Christians and others by Muslims. There will be "permanent strife," and no one will have the "power to mollify or mediate. It will be more gruesome than we can imagine." When the horror comes, he warned, the journalists who helped bring it about will "wag their heads and flee-and leave it to those who can't flee to fight it out. [While Europe Slept, pp. 188-189]

("When the horror comes" Well if it hasn't already come, the Euros shouldn't expect another American bailout when the horror does come, as the new wisdom in the U.S. is to stay out of civil wars.)

Despite Europe's sorry history over the last century, the American left thinks Europe is the font of all sophistication, and is forever telling us: America needs to be just like Europe. But when it comes to government, Europeans are just plain backward. And the backwardness of European governments trickles down and corrupts their citizenry. The Euro masses have gotten so used to sucking at the public teat, they're never gonna let go. That's why you see those French farmers and students rioting in the streets about even the smallest adjustments to their precious welfare state.

Europe's socialist states are founded on fatal flaws. Europe's social programs are unsustainable; they are doomed, and would be even without the Islamist threat. Indeed, one of the reasons Europe imported the Muslims was to keep her welfare systems going. But when the caliphate comes, Europe will bid her socialist utopias a fond bon voyage, auf Wiedersehen, or their Arab equivalents.

In his 1964 book Suicide of the West, James Burnham wrote that `what Americans call "liberalism" is the ideology of Western suicide' [p. 26]. If Burnham is correct, could conservatism be the ideology of "Western survival", and the cure for what ails Europe?

Alas, Europe has no lusty tradition of anything Americans would call conservatism. Yes, there was Margaret Thatcher. But "the Iron Lady" was the exception; Europeans rarely have a limited-government alternative to vote for. Usually, Euros must choose between competing brands of statism: what Americans call "liberalism". Contrary to America's elite left, Europe needs to be more like America.

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Must not be critical of Muslims

The following is a report from Alan of the UAC's Orlando, FL chapter regarding the chapter members experiences while attempting to distribute anti-CAIR literature at the Convention Center where CAIR was holding a banquet.

On the day of the CAIR Banquet at the Convention Center there was also a truck show that was open to the public. Interestingly the CAIR banquet was being held directly upstairs in clear sight of the truck show.

Three of us went to the truck show with the plan of quietly and politely handing out literature about Siraj Wahhaj and CAIR both named unindicted co-conspirators in separate cases. Two other members also drove over from Tampa to help out.

We arrived at the truck show at 3:10 PM and immediately began handing out literature to attendees, vendors, and exhibitors. At approximately 3:45 we were collectively flanked by approximately ten security guards, an Orange County Sheriff, and Beth Barrett of the Convention Center management. I was asked to present my ID, which I politely did. Then we were escorted out the Convention Center. When we were outside of the Convention Center there were 3-4 Orange County Sheriff cruisers shadowing our every move - as if we posed a serious threat.

The irony of this exercise is that right upstairs as we were being forced out of a partially tax payer funded venue for simply handing out literature. The group CAIR which is currently listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding case had as their keynote speaker another unindicted co-conspirator in the 93 WTC Bombings who was also a character witness for the Blind Sheikh, who was sentenced to life in prison for his role in the murder and destruction at the WTC, were conducting business as usual.

The question I have is how could our city leaders allow CAIR Orlando and Siraj Wahhaj to speak at a taxpayer funded venue in the first place. I have left three messages with Mayor Buddy Dyers office and faxed info to Mayor Rich Crotty's office but have no responses as of yet.

That is briefly what our experiences were in our goal to hand out a few pieces of paper and educate the public about what is going on at the Orange County Convention Center.


I Demand the Muslim Foundation of America Attend Sensitivity Training!

Somewhere, sometime, some stupid jerk (Don Imus, are you reading this?) says something so far out and offensive, you just want to shudder. On the other hand, I get that same shudder when someone somewhere says that they are deeply wounded by an insensitive remark uttered by some comic, or politico or sports figure or author or blogger and the PC world jumps up and demands, DEMANDS i say that the clod go to (gasp!) Sensivity Training.

There, the wizards of PC will teach you how to stifle your feelings, how to close your mind to any sort of comment, gesture or joke that may, MAY insult someone. THe Wizards of PC will then give you a certificate of completion which you can show to your boss, or your neighbor (or a judge?) proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are now immune to calling Arabs "rag heads," Japanese "japs," or G-d forbid African Americans "niggers," or even a Mexican "spic" or "wetback." Now, I'll be the first to tell you that I grew up hearing those phrases all my life from my dads dad, and from assorted neighbors, friends and relatives. Fortunately for me, my Mother really tried hard to raise a gentleman and a gentle man (if you get my drift) and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I ever used those words, my mouth would have an uncomfortable encounter with Ivory Soap and the seat of my pants would have an even more uncomfortable encounter with a paddle or switch. I raised my daughter the same way and I hope to high heaven that she raises her kid(s) the same way.

Having said that, there are times when I think entire organizations ought to be paddled, have their mouths washed out with soap or some other dire and mysterious punishment that cannot be discussed in "polite" society. The Klu Klux Klan comes to mind, the White Citizens Council and even the entire leadership of Iran and Syria (I officially volunteer to wash Mahmoud Ahmadinejad mouth out with soap for all the idiocies he has uttered). To this list, let us now add the Muslim Foundation of America because they are obviously one of the more insensitive, idiotic, stupid, irrational groups around (second only to C.A.I.R. perhaps).

On Septermber 9th, 2007, 5 years, 363 days after the terror strikes Act of War by 19 Muslims between the ages of 19 and 49 when they flew two loaded air liners into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania are going to stage a MARCH in downtown New York.

New York for Pete's sake. New York, where 2500 people were murdered by the MFA's co-religionists. New York, where the scars of that animalistic attack are still present in the ground, and in the hearts of more than 8 million people. EIGHT MILLION, thats 8,000,000 people. Oh My G-d! Is the MFA nuts?

Yet, let someone say anything bad, slightly bad, mildly bad or report suspicious behavior and these groups stand up in unison shouting "Bigotry, Islamophobia" etc., etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum. They demand that America "understand" them, that we allow them special conditions, that we all but kowtow.

Well, I've had it. Send them all to Sensivity Training, whoop their butts, wash their mouths out with soap, disband them and make them illegal. I don't really give a damn. If those organizations are so insensitive as to not recognize how hurtful this action is in the city, then they are even more stupid than I thought they were, and that is saying something.



By Jeff Jacoby

Was there an Armenian genocide during World War I? While it was happening, no one called the slaughter of Armenian Christians by Ottoman Turks "genocide." No one could: The word wouldn't be coined for another 30 years. But those who made it their business to tell the world what the Turks were doing found other terms to describe the state-sponsored mass murder of the Armenians.

In its extensive reporting on the atrocities -- 145 stories in 1915 alone -- The New York Times described them as "systematic", "deliberate," "organized by government," and a "campaign of extermination." A Sept. 25, 1915, headline warned: "Extinction Menaces Armenia." What the Turks were embarked upon, said one official in the story that followed, was "nothing more or less than the annihilation of a whole people."

Foreign diplomats, too, realized that they were observing genocide avant la lettre. American consular reports leaked to the Times indicated "that the Turk has undertaken a war of extermination on Armenians, especially those of the Gregorian Church, to which about 90 percent of the Armenians belong." In July, US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau cabled Washington that "race murder" was underway - a "systematic attempt to uproot peaceful Armenian populations and ... to bring destruction and destitution upon them." These were not random outbreaks of violence, Morgenthau stressed, but a nationwide slaughter "directed from Constantinople." In his memoirs, he bluntly labeled the butchery "The Murder of a Nation."

Another US diplomat, Consul Leslie Davis, described in grisly detail the "reign of terror" he saw in Harput, and the corpses of "thousands and thousands" of Armenians murdered near Lake Goeljuk. The mass deportations ordered by the Turks, in which hundreds of thousands of Armenians were crammed into freight cars and shipped hundreds of miles to die in the desert or at the hands of killing squads, were far worse than a straightforward massacre, he wrote. "In a massacre many escape, but a wholesale deportation of this kind in this country means a longer and perhaps even more dreadful death for nearly everyone."

Other eyewitnesses, including American missionaries, provided stomach-clenching descriptions of the "terrible tortures" mentioned by Morgenthau. Women and girls were stripped and raped, then forced to march naked through blistering heat. Many victims were crucified on wooden crosses; as they writhed in agony, the Turks would taunt them: "Now let your Christ come and help you!" Reuters reported that "in one village, 1,000 men, women, and children are reported to have been locked in a wooden building and burned to death." In another, "several scores of men and women were tied together by chains and thrown into Lake Van."

Talaat Pasha, the Turkish interior minister who presided over the liquidation of the Armenians, made no bones about his objective. "The Government ... has decided to destroy completely all the indicated persons" - the Armenians - "living in Turkey," he wrote to authorities in Aleppo. "An end must be put to their existence ... and no regard must be paid to either age or sex, or to conscientious scruples." Talaat told Morgenthau that "we have already disposed of three-quarters of the Armenians; there are none at all left in Bitlis, Van, and Erzerum." To the ambassador's remonstrations, Talaat curtly replied: "We will not have the Armenians anywhere in Anatolia."

Was there an Armenian genocide during World War I? The Turkish government today denies it, but the historical record, chronicled in works like Peter Balakian's powerful study, The Burning Tigris (HarperCollins, 2003) is overwhelming. Yet the Turks are abetted in their denial and distortion by many who know better, including the Clinton administration and both Bush administrations, and prominent ex-congressmen-turned-lobbyists, including Republican Bob Livingston and Democrats Dick Gephardt and Stephen Solarz.

Particularly deplorable has been the longtime reluctance of some leading Jewish organizations, including the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, to call the first genocide of the 20th century by its proper name. When Andrew Tarsy, the New England director of the ADL, came out last week in support of a congressional resolution recognizing the Armenian genocide, he was promptly fired by the national organization. Shaken by the uproar that followed, the ADL finally backed down. The murder of a million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Turks in 1915, it acknowledged yesterday, was "indeed tantamount to genocide."

Now the other organizations should follow suit. Their unwillingness to acknowledge that the Turks committed genocide stems from the fear that doing so may worsen the plight of Turkey's beleaguered Jewish community, or may endanger the crucial military and economic relationship Israel has forged with Turkey -- the Jewish state's only such relationship with a major Muslim nation. Those are honorable concerns. But they cannot justify keeping silent about a most dishonorable assault on the truth. Genocide denial must be intolerable to everyone, but above all to those for whom "never again" is such a sacred principle. And at a time when jihadist violence from Darfur to Ground Zero has spilled so much innocent blood, dissimulation about the jihad of 1915 can only aid our enemies. The Armenian genocide is an incontestable fact of history. Shame on anyone who refuses to say so.


Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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