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Black on white racism: Modern-day South African realities

A white South African reader sent me the following account of a personal experience under the heading: "Why I constantly encourage young whites to abandon the "New South Africa""

Early Saturday morning, my 23 year old daughter and her boyfriend were driving home, having briefly visited a club with friends after a night out. Quite close to the club, they were stopped by police. Without any preliminaries, both were aggressively, physically pulled from the vehicle, and with no possible evidence to support the claim, accused of buying drugs at the club.

Disregarding all protocol - and indeed the law - the cops proceeded to search the two victims. When the female cop present put her hand down my daughter's trousers and stuck her naked fingers into her vagina (remember, this is South Africa, and the risk of AIDS is ever present) her boyfriend naturally protested and tried to go to her defense. This resulted in him being handcuffed and pushed into a police vehicle. I must emphasis that this whole episode took place in public, with several male policemen looking on and other traffic passing by.

They were both taken to the local police station (of course no drugs were found) where Gavin (the boyfriend) was charged with drunken driving - technically correct, since he was over the limit. They also threatened my daughter, who had had one glass of wine, with a charge of public drunkenness. Throughout this incident, the cops both at the initial encounter and at the police station were excessively aggressive and abusive.

Finally, failing to find any reason not to, they released my daughter, who phoned me, as well as Gavin`s family. Had she not been released, nobody would have known their whereabouts. Gavin's cell phone was taken from him and he was refused permission to make a call. He later told us that he met another white man in the cell who had been there for three days, during which he had been denied the right to inform his family where he was.

The most important feature of this encounter is that the cops in the initial contact were black, and the victims white. It is quite apparent from the police's conduct that this entire episode was plain and simply a planned exercise in black on white intimidation and a gross misuse of power. This is by no means an isolated incident, and because of the makeup of the population, I expect it to get progressively worse.

The obvious action in a civilized country would be to lay charges against the police for their misconduct - especially the intimate search of a female in public - and allow the law to take its course. For many reasons, this is not an option:

* It would take a very large amount of money in legal fees - which I do not have

* It would probably take several years to get the case resolved, if ever. Cops in South Africa make a habit of not appearing in court on appointed dates.

* The cops would simply deny that these events took place as described

* Finally, and most importantly, this is Africa: The cops in question know where we live, and it is simply not worth the risk of being further intimidated and victimized.

Would you want your child to live under these conditions?

Response to "When Women Cry Wolf"

While I generally support what Kyle-Anne Shiver writes in "When Women Cry Wolf About Rape", I would like to offer some comments that go just a bit further. The author writes;

Now that the Duke "rape" case has been brought to its conclusion and the falsely-accused young men have been thoroughly exonerated, it is time for us - especially us women -- to come down hard on the woman who cried "Wolf" and those who enabled her.

Since this is a case of false accusation, conclusion is not reached until the accuser, in this case a woman, is brought to justice. It appears to me that at a minimum, this woman has violated North Carolina General Statutes 14-209, Punishment for Perjury, a class F felony, and 14-225, False Reports to Law Enforcement, a class 2 misdemeanor.

Apparently, the young men have been exonerated by the evidence, or lack thereof. This very same evidence provides basis for prosecuting false reporting, and perjury. I gather from the article that some claim this woman has a "troubled" history, and so regard her as "incapacitated enough to escape punishment for a vicious and harmful lie". This is nonsense. As I understand things, she works for a living, has children, and attends college. Also, a "troubled" history never stopped prosecution of a man for rape.

Shiver rightly advocates "solace and restitution" for the victims, in this case three young men. Additionally, I advocate restitution for the citizenry, those who own the statutes. The statutes are in place to protect the public from false accusations and perjury. Failure to prosecute denies Article I, Section 2 of the North Carolina Constitution;

All political power is vested in and derived from the people: all government of right originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole. The same reasoning applies to disciplinary action for prosecutorial misconduct, the applicable rules of which are sure to be found in the North Carolina court rules.

I have two final points. I object to Shiver's clear implication that "all men everywhere" are "barely-in-control" whenever alcohol and scantily-clad women mix. Since this generalization far exceeds what the evidence supports, it is a sweeping generalization logical fallacy. Finally, Shiver advises men to "ask the woman you're with, just to make sure". Why not advise men to simply abstain, thereby denying her the option to change her mind later? After all, she could turn out to be "troubled".


Politically correct British police force hiring officers 'who can't do the job'

One of the country's most senior policemen has admitted his force is recruiting unsuitable officers in its drive to be politically correct. Dyslexics, the physically disabled and those with religious beliefs which affect their work are apparently being given jobs - even though they are unable to fulfil their role. Steve Roberts, a deputy assistant commissioner at Scotland Yard, said there was a 'whole cohort' of inadequate officers coming into the London force because the force had 'shied away' from tackling the issue.

His comments in the magazine Police Review follow a series of embarrassments for the Metropolitan Police in recent months. PC Alexander Omar Basha, a Muslim officer, provoked a political storm last year when he was excused from guarding the Israeli embassy on 'moral grounds' after he expressed concerns over the bombing of Lebanon. In another incident, a female Muslim officer refused to shake the hand of Commissioner Sir Ian Blair at her passing out ceremony. Other cases include a Seventh Day Adventist officer who wanted to take the Sabbath off, an orthodox Jewish officer who wanted Fridays off and a number of men or women with severe dyslexia.

Mr Roberts said the Met was 'letting its managers down' by failing to issue clear policy on recruitment. He said: "What is really comes down to is that it does not matter what it is that causes you to be incapable of fulfilling the full duties of an ordinary officer. "It does not matter if it is because you have a physical disability, dyslexia or a particular requirement which means you have to have every Sunday off - unless you are able to fulfil the duties of a constable, we should not be allowing you to think you can join in the first place. "And we should not, if that arises after joining, be saying you can make a good and efficient officer at the end of the probationary stage. "We have let our managers down in not making it as clear as we should do what our attitude to difference is and what we expect of them [in order to] give them the confidence to deal with people genuinely fairly."

Mr Roberts said that the force was still able to adapt to an officer's specialist requirements. He added: "For example, there was never actually a problem with the young female officer who did not want to shake the commissioner's hand. "She simply said, quite reasonably, 'Actually, I would prefer not to'. "Supposing it had been the case that normally the Commissioner kissed on the cheek every new recruit who came up to meet him and someone said 'I would rather he did not do that to me', we would not think that was a big deal. "We can adapt on those things that do fit in with being a constable and fulfilling the full range of duties but certain factors are not a condition of someone becoming a police officer, it is simply what a good employer does."

Mr Roberts, who is deputy head of human resources at the Met continued: "This is not moving away from diversity and saying it does not matter any more. "But it is about setting proper limits to make sure we do manage it properly, without ever losing sight of the main point of delivering the right service. "Getting a diverse workforce is not a nice, optional thing. It is what we have got to do in order to be properly representative of London."


Brits tracking young Muslims

MI5 is adopting tactics used by the police to keep tabs on paedophiles and other sex offenders to monitor the activities of known or suspected Islamic extremists, The Times has learnt. The threat from radicalised young Muslims is growing at such a rate that MI5 has realised that it needs the help of police officers on the streets to help it keep a check on extremists in their areas.

The police keep track of known paedophiles by collating sightings of them and noting whom they meet and which areas they frequent - a tactic that MI5 sees as ideal for keeping track of the movements of Islamic extremists. Thousands of police officers on the beat in areas with large Pakistani communities - such as Birmingham, Leeds and London - will be expected to keep a lookout for young Muslims known to have become radicals.

The information gathered from day-to-day observations will be used to compile a comprehensive database of lower-level extremism. This register will help both MI5 and the police. However, there are thousands of other radicalised young Muslims from countries such as Pakistan, North Africa and Somalia about whom there is no intelligence linking them to terrorist groups. Because of limited resources, they are not regarded as a priority for MI5 when there are so many others who are known to be affiliated to terrorist networks in Britain and, in many cases, actually to be plotting attacks. The fear is that young Muslims who are being radicalised may be persuaded to support the cause of the terrorists.

MI5 has built up an extensive archive of extremist activities, according to security sources. But its surveillance officers have time to focus only on those posing a terrorist threat. Security sources say that monitoring extremists is only part of the drive to deal with the growing challenge of a younger generation of Muslims, most of them of Pakistani origin, being suborned into supporting terrorism.

The security and intelligence services are relying on the Government to come up with policies and funds that will help Muslim communities, providing jobs, decent homes and social welfare support to dissuade the young from becoming extremists. The threat from home-grown Islamic extremism and terrorism, largely emanating from British Pakistanis, is a relatively recent phenomenon. The terrorist threat in Britain before the 9/11 attacks in the US was principally viewed as coming from Algerians, Moroccans and other North Africans.

Since 2001, and particularly since the July 7 suicide bombings in 2005, MI5 has been collecting as much information as possible about Muslim radicalisation in this country. However, security sources emphasised that the new approach - contributing towards the police's existing "Rich Picture" project, which is aimed at uncovering young Muslims being groomed for terrorism - did not mean that MI5 was targeting the Muslim communities in Britain. This is a highly sensitive issue, especially as Muslim leaders have accused MI5 and the police of using all their resources to spy on their communities.

Both MI5 and the police insist they want clerics and other Muslim leaders to help them to stamp out extremism and actively seek their cooperation. The security sources said that it was a matter for individual police forces to decide how to prioritise their resources in keeping track of Islamic extremists. But the aim was to enable the police in their areas to know of the whereabouts of extremists. "This is a new approach and we hope that police officers will understand that the job of countering terrorism and extremism is not just for MI5 and the police special branch but can be carried out by traditional police methods," one security source said.

Sensitive intelligence about terrorist suspects is shared with Special Branch and with regional intelligence cells. This level of cooperation has improved in recent months, with the setting up of eight regional MI5 offices, sharing Special Branch premises, in Scotland, the North East, North West, the East and West Midlands, South West, Wales and South East



Political correctness is most pervasive in universities and colleges but I rarely report the incidents concerned here as I have a separate blog for educational matters.

American "liberals" often deny being Leftists and say that they are very different from the Communist rulers of other countries. The only real difference, however, is how much power they have. In America, their power is limited by democracy. To see what they WOULD be like with more power, look at where they ARE already very powerful: in America's educational system -- particularly in the universities and colleges. They show there the same respect for free-speech and political diversity that Stalin did: None. So look to the colleges to see what the whole country would be like if "liberals" had their way. It would be a dictatorship.

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