Sunday, February 11, 2007

Far Left Groups Claim `Hate' On Rise In America

The liberal [Jewish] Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have just released a report claiming there's a dramatic increase in the number of "hate groups" in the United States. The ADL report alleges that the KKK, skinheads and neo-Nazis have grown more active in recent years and have increased their presence on the Internet. An Associated Press article quotes ADL statistics and alleged stats from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) on the extent of "hate" in the U.S.

What no mainstream outlet has exposed, however, is the leftist agenda of both the ADL and the SPLC in vilifying pro-family organizations who are opposed to the normalization of homosexuality in our culture. The ADL, for example, promotes the passage of "hate crime" laws to criminalize any criticism of homosexuality. It offers such books as Gloria Goes To Gay Pride and What if Someone I Know Is Gay?: Answers to Questions about Gay and Lesbian People as well as pushes pro-homosexual materials in the public schools.

Jewish conservative columnist Don Feder has exposed the anti-Christian bias of the ADL in his 2005 column, "The Anti-Christian League." In addition, the leftwing Southern Poverty Law Center lists Traditional Values Coalition as a "hate group" on its web site, including our organization with despicable neo-Nazis groups and other racist organizations.

The SPLC is pushing for passage of "hate crime" legislation and for the normalization of homosexuality in our culture. It routinely attacks any conservative organization that promotes traditional family values.

DiscoverTheNetworks, a conservative web site, has produced an important expose of the SPLC and its leftist goals. According to DiscoverTheNetworks, "As part of the Intelligence Project, the SPLC website currently features a map of `Active U.S. Hate Groups.' Deeming racism the exclusive province of the `radical right,' Intelligence Project reports ignore groups on the left. Although SPLC denounces extremist religious groups like the Jewish Defense League and Westboro Baptist Church, no mention is made of any extremist Muslim groups." (The SPLC gets millions in grant money from 59 foundations, including atheist George Soros' Open Society Institute.)

TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty thinks this latest report from the ADL as well as statements from the SPLC are an orchestrated effort to manipulate public opinion into supporting passage of a draconian "hate crime" bill later this spring or summer. "The ADL and SPLC are experts at propaganda. I suspect that the issuing of this ADL report on the KKK and skinheads is a deceitful effort to push federal legislation that will create special federal protected status for homosexuals. The claim will be made that there is such an epidemic of hate in America that federal action is needed immediately."

TVC's research into the incidence of "hate crimes" has consistently shown that there is very little substance to the claims of such groups as the ADL or SPLC. "FBI statistics clearly show that nearly half of the `hate crimes' committed in the U.S. against individuals involved name-calling, nothing more," said Lafferty. "The ADL and SPLC have a political agenda, and they're using this latest report to push for minority protection for individuals who engage in homosexual behaviors."


British Labour demands end of "white male" control of councils

New Labour's ceaseless quest for the unattainable utopia of equality and diversity ensures that "race" and "culture" are topics never far from the news headlines. The latest diktat from Blair's regime emanates from Labour Community Secretary Ruth Kelly who wants to reduce the numbers of aging white males in town halls in a bid to make councils more "representative".

New figures from the government reveal that the "average councilor" is a 58-year-old white male and Ministers have today unveiled an initiative to attract more young, ethnic minority and female citizens into town halls. A survey for the government's Improvement & Development Agency (IDA) found that only one in 200 councillors was black, and only 2.7% Asian.

Dismissive of the fundamentally democratic idea that voters in borough and district councils currently cast their mark for the best party and/or the best personality to represent their local concerns, Labour's latest diktat implies that political parties contesting elections will need to draw up short lists based on the demographics of the borough/ward or constituency.

In so doing Labour is meddling, not only in the internal election procedures of political parties, but the wider issue of local council representation. The proposals can be seen as an attack on all political parties and on the thousands of thoroughly decent and hard working councillors from the Old Gang trio of Labour-Conservative-Liberal Democrats and other smaller parties who are doing what they can for their constituents under circumstances which are made increasingly difficult as a direct consequence of Treasury demands.

Given the current far-reaching review into funding of political parties it is not beyond the bounds of devious Labour thinking that political parties contesting local elections must draw up lists based on gender, age and ethnicity rather than the best person for the job, as a condition of State funding.

It is of course possible that this meddling could be another attempt to halt the inexorable rise of the BNP in council chambers the length and breath of Britain....

There is considerable suspicion within the majority community that the investigation will not examine those councils where there happens to be a disproportionate number of councilors from ethnic minority backgrounds. Take for example Tower Hamlets - a London borough with a population that is 51% white, 33% Bangladeshi, 6% Afro-Caribbean. The number of Bangladeshi councillors is an astonishing 61% (31 out of 51)....

There is no logical explanation why having a "diverse range" of councillors automatically means an improvement in the quality of services provided by the council, greater accountability or value for money for long-suffering and over-fleeced council tax payers but in these days or Orwellian political correctness rational explanations are never forthcoming by the liberal-leftists in Westminster and Whitehall.

To paraphrase the words first coined by former BBC boss Greg Dyke it will only be those "hideously white" dominated councils which will be subject to New Labour's latest diktat to further the transformation of Britain which is aimed at reducing the native indigenous majority to second class status. The politically correct bullies of the Labour hierarchy will not flinch at removing the slightly balding, slightly overweight and hideously white aged 50-plus males who, according to the IDA report dominate municipal life (even if those key players are life-long Labour members) to make way for the trendy, young, raceless, sexless new citizens of New Labour's idea of New Britain.


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