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What's the betting that the Headmistress concerned is lesbian?

A UK middle high school has introduced a ban on skirts for girls, bringing in so-called gender-neutral dress that requires all pupils to wear pants, beginning this fall.

Marilyn Warden, headteacher at Broadstone Middle School, argues that forcing girls out of skirts and into pants will eliminate discrimination based on gender. Parents are understandably baffled – and infuriated – by Ms. Warden’s reasoning. She also claims the measure is to maintain modesty; a code is already in existence, however, that mandates proper skirt lengths. “This move is meant to enhance all of our pupils overall educational experience,” Warden said, as reported by

One mother of a girl in her fifth year at the school charges that the move is discriminatory. “My daughter doesn't like wearing trousers,” she said. “She wears skirts all year long even on the coldest of days. She likes to be a girl not dress like a boy. We haven't been told why the uniform has to change but understand it is something to do with the girls' modesty. What a lot of rubbish! We weren't consulted and I don't think the parents will go along with it.”

Concerned parents of pupils attending Broadstone Middle have asked Gregory Carlin, director of the Irish Anti-Trafficking Coalition to help them maintain the option of conventional female dress. Carlin, a human rights lawyer, plans to host a meeting for parents Thursday. “The sexes are different and the ‘gender free’ policy authorized by the Board of Governors of Broadstone Middle School is clearly unlawful,” Carlin emphasized in comments made to Wednesday. “Girls have an absolute right to dress as girls. When setting a uniform policy, school governing bodies must behave reasonably, considering the impact of their policies on parents and pupils and that has clearly not happened at this school in Dorset, England. It is my view that a ‘gender free’ regime is inherently unlawful and discriminatory and such un-thinking political correctness has to be resisted in the same manner Catholics oppose inappropriate sex education in schools,” Carlin added. “Parents have rights, they deserved to be empowered rather than excluded.”



A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away.” --Barry Goldwater

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help’.” --Ronald Reagan

As a young black conservative, I am happy to see more black people taking an interest in or switching to the Republican Party. It’s a party of inclusion for people of all races. If you like to work hard to achieve your dreams and you are conservative in your views, you will find a place in the Republican Party.

For years, the Democrat Party has been taking the black population for granted. The Democrat Party is today the party of socialist programs and handouts. It’s a “get by free” card. It’s true that sometimes people need a little help from time to time, but that’s where we come in as a community. The government shouldn’t be the one to take care of you. We are to help our neighbors. Big government is never the answer.

The Democrat Party (or a Democrat candidate) promises you that it will take care of those who are needy in exchange for their vote. Sorry, but I don’t need anyone to take care of me. Republicans like to stand on their own and achieve their dreams on merit and strength, not because of help from someone else. Black people are starting to realize that the Democrat Party only wants them to stay dependent on them, and not to branch out and be strong themselves.

Take Affirmative Action, for instance. It is now said that Affirmative Action does more harm than good. Of course it does! Not only are specific ethnic groups getting a slight advantage over everyone else who are working hard, but those people who don’t “meet the requirements” of Affirmative Action are jaded and upset because it is unfair that someone less qualified than them is getting ahead and they should have been the ones to succeed. There is no level playing field. In a sense, it is another form of discrimination and racism. I don’t know about you, but I want to make it on my own merit, intelligence, and hard work. I do not want to succeed because I am a specific skin color. Democrats and the liberal (PC) way of thinking support using Affirmative Action to achieve “diversity” in colleges. Diversity is fine, just as long as the people have worked just as hard as others to get in. We should be colorblind.

Conservative Issues

One thing that binds us in America is our conservative values. Most Americans are fairly conservative. The Democrat Party has not been shy about the issues it supports. The party is just a front for Far Left liberal groups who wish to do their work through the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party is happy to oblige. For instance, most black people are against homosexual marriage, or anything of the sort. Many blacks switched and voted for President Bush over this big issue last year during the presidential election. That and the issue of abortion. Those seem to be the two biggest topics that have dominated the Democratic platform in the past few years. Black people want to keep our traditional values. So we turn to the Republican Party.

Political Correctness

Over the years, the Political Correctness has run amuck. Democrats have favored this tactic in order to, in their opinion, make all ethnic groups happy, and not to offend anyone. Well, I find Political Correctness to be offensive. I believe these terms originated in the 1990s. Black people are now called “African-Americans.” This totally annoys me. I prefer to be called a black lady. No problem. It’s worked before. But we have to be PC now. People are “______-Americans,” not just American. Can’t we just say “Oh, he’s Chinese, or she’s a Hispanic lady, etc.”? We all know that if you are a citizen of this country, you are American. We don’t need the hyphenated term. This only separates people into groups. The “Chinese-Americans” over here, the “African-Americans” over there (by the way, I was born in America, not Africa). We don’t need to be divided like this. We are supposed to be a family.

You see where I’m coming from? So that nonsense needs to stop. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS! Proud Americans! We are an inclusive society. We should not have to worry about offending someone because we didn’t use a Politically Correct approach. The Democrat Party has been happy to allow liberalism in this form to sweep across America. It has been dragging our society into a pit.

For the People

The Republican Party is truly for the working people. There is a misconception about the Republican Party that it is only for the rich. And the Democrat Party is for middle class, or poor people. If that were the case, then shouldn’t the Democrat Party give people incentives to strive harder to reach their goals? Not to give handouts and promote unnecessary social programs? To encourage people to make a better living for themselves? To get on one’s own two feet? That’s what the Republican Party does. I am reminded of this quote:

“Give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you will feed him for a lifetime.”

The Democrat Party can’t keep giving people handouts and expect them to be weaned off of that and grow and become independent to do something on their own. We must teach them, show them how to become successful and to encourage and enlighten. More and more black people have decided that they will not be dependent; they are going to do it for themselves. The Republican Party wants all to succeed. Hard work, drive, positive attitude, our values, all are important in helping us reach our goals.

Conservative Blacks Emerging

President Bush has been the only president in history to ever select so many people of different racial backgrounds to his cabinet. The more notable ones are Colin Powell and Dr. Condoleezza Rice. She is the first black lady elected as Secretary of State. She is an inspiration to me. She’s a hard worker, very intelligent, and she is TOUGH! President Bush saw something in her, she had the qualifications (stellar qualifications might I add) and is doing quite wonderfully now. President Bush sees no color, only accomplishments. I am glad to see more conservative journalists, and people in the media emerging. Funny how we conservative black people who support the Republican Party get labeled as “Uncle Toms, Aunt Jemimas sell outs, etc.” Anything racist like that. What is wrong with thinking for yourself and making a decision about what party to support? Everyone assumes that blacks will automatically vote Democrat. Well, not anymore.

Final Thoughts...the Republican Party

The next time you go to a gathering of Republicans, look around. These are people who are bonded together by their love of family, conservative values and traditions, love of God, etc. It shows mightily. I have seen many people of different backgrounds at Republican gatherings. There is such an atmosphere of love when I attend. It’s not at all like what you hear. I have experienced no racism whatsoever. Only good friendships and a welcoming spirit.

The Republican Party has come a long way, but it still has a way to go in getting out its message to blacks and other ethnic groups. It is definitely a party of inclusion. But blacks are noticing a difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. The Republican Party wants all to succeed, and work hard. The Democrat Party is increasingly falling to the Far Left liberals who want people to be dependent on them and their socialist way of living. Not happening for me or other blacks—who are wise to their tactics.

So if you are curious about the Republican Party, do some investigating yourself. Do not believe rumors; try the party and see how you like it. If the party lines up with what you believe, then maybe the Republican Party is for you. Check out what the Democrat Party stands for, and what causes they support. That will give you an indication about whether or not you want to align with them. Whatever party you support, make sure you are true to yourself, that you aren’t voting a certain way or supporting a certain party because you’ve always done it that way, or because it’s a family tradition. Both parties have changed over the years. Keep up to date about what they stand for.

Remember, the Republican Party believes that we are all the same underneath, and should be given the same opportunities to rise to greatness. The Republican Party believes everyone is on equal footing. No preferential treatment. We are ALL AMERICANS. One Nation Under God!


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