Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A small victory: "Christmas is back -- at least that's what Denver's mayor is saying. After receiving a negative backlash from residents for announcing an adjustment to the city and county building seasonal sign to the more secular 'Happy Holidays' from the more traditional 'Merry Christmas,' Mayor John Hickenlooper decided to nix the idea. He said he was simply trying to be more inclusive when he made the initial decision. 'Clearly a mistake, what I'm trying to do now is let people know that just because there's two o's in Hickenlooper doesn't necessarily make me scrooge,' the mayor said. Colorado's not alone. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reversed former Gov. Gray Davis' decision to call the state holiday tree a 'holiday tree,' and reverted to the familiar title of 'Christmas tree' during the annual lighting ceremony."

Leftist "tolerance" and "compassion" on display: "Local conservative radio talk show host, Lars Larson, exploded on air Wednesday in response to several death threats against his wife. "Let's make this deal. Stop threatening my wife. Come and threaten me, so I can just fill you full of bullets. You come threaten me in person. You bring it on, but leave my wife out of this," Lars said in response to the threats to his wife and family. Larson spoke about how disturbing the calls were on air to listeners, explaining that they brought his wife to tears. "They said, 'We're going to come and rape your wife to death - we're going to rape her until she bleeds.' If this is offending anybody - good! 'Cause I'm mad," Larson said".

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