Thursday, September 16, 2004


It shows who the real threats to civilization and tolerance are

"But there may be a genuine political climate of fear in some parts of the United States - including my corner of Los Angeles:

Many Republicans are afraid to put Bush-Cheney bumper stickers on their cars or signs on their lawns because they are afraid of physical retaliation from angry liberals.

It is not just that one sees few Bush-Cheney bumper stickers and lawn signs - even in areas in which one knows his support is high. I do not have such a bumper sticker or lawn sign. In fact, most Bush supporters I have asked, even those who are fairly passionate on the topic, just don't think the risk of a key-scratch or broken home or car window, or much worse, is worth whatever benefit one receives from a partisan bumper sticker or lawn sign. There are just too many personal stories of cars and homes defaced and damaged.

The sentiment is not symmetrical: One sees plenty of Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers and lawn signs - even in highly Republican neighborhoods. Indeed,one sees plenty of such stickers and signs that express left-wing sentiments much more intense and partisan than mere support of the Democratic presidential ticket. Not infrequently these stickers and signs mention some form of violence or even death with respect to Republican officials".

From Robert Musil

I think it worth noting that Leftist aggression and intolerance of other views is neither recent nor confined to the USA. At the time of Ronald Reagan's second run for the Presidency, I put a "Reagan/Bush" sticker on the back window of my car in AUSTRALIA only to have it torn off within days. I then put up a sticker promoting a very prominent local conservative politician -- Sir Johannes Bjelke-Petersen -- and it was soon torn off too. I guess Leftists must feel very threatened by dissent. Since the whole of reality threatens their nutty views, I guess there is a lot of reason for them to feel threatened

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