Tuesday, March 02, 2004


"Stockport College in Manchester, England, has banned the use of more than forty "offensive" words and phrases, including "postman", "chairman" and even "history" (sexist), "mad", "manic", "crazy" (demeaning to mentally impaired), "the deaf", "the blind", "slaving over a hot stove" ("minimizes the horror and oppression of the slave trade"), "normal family", "ladies and gentlemen" (said to have "class implications"), The 15,000-student college says it "will make it a condition of service and admission that employees and students adhere to this policy". (Martin Bentham, "College guide bans 'lady' and 'history' as offensive words", Sunday Telegraph (London), June 11). And a public employment bureau in Staffordshire, England, recently told an employer that it could not place a recruitment advertisement that included the words "hardworking" and "enthusiastic", which it deemed discriminatory. The bureau's parent agency explained that in its opinion such terms, as well as terms like "reliable" and "smart", are overly subjective and could foster discrimination against the disabled. However, the education and employment minister in the Blair government, David Blunkett, who is himself blind, ordered the policy reversed and the words permitted; his office issued a statement declaring that he "regards it as an insult to him personally to suggest that a disabled person cannot be reliable, hardworking and enthusiastic." "

More here (From June 13, 2000)

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