Sunday, March 21, 2004


"As if asylum in the United States isn’t already a generous enough racket for illegal aliens, the Treason Lobby is salivating at the possibility that Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Secretario Ridge will open the door even wider by making “gender persecution” and domestic violence grounds for asylum.

If the Attorney General caves in on this issue, any foreign national who has ever been hit or abused by their spouse in their home country could show up at any United States port of entry and apply for political asylum. And they just might get it!

And once the lucky aliens use their newly-won refugee status in order to adjust to lawful permanent resident status—getting a brand new green card on a silver platter – guess who’s the first person they could legally file another immigrant petition for?

You guessed it—their spouse! (Plus, of course, the usual chain migration of relatives.)

With this new open borders dream within reach, a motley crew of usual suspects including something called the “The Center for Gender and Refugee Studies” [contact them] have lined up to press the issue. As if on cue, the Treason Lobby has jumped on the bandwagon for the case of one particular Guatemalan illegal alien woman, and also lobbying for an unprecedented expansion of refugee and asylum law."

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