Monday, March 22, 2004


The PC brigade obviously think that you can't expect any better from a dumb "person of colour"

Take the thug rapper known as "50 Cent," whose music glorifies sex, drugs and getting shot, which he knows something about, having survived a nine-bullet fusillade in 2000 in his previous career as a crack and heroin dealer.....

The rapper also uses words like "faggot" in his songs, including the big hit "In Da Club." But since he's seen as uber-cool (or maybe because he typically disdains gay males but not gay females), the usually hypersensitive Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) could only muster a milquetoast response.

In a press statement, GLAAD expressed "concern" since it "believes that it can be dangerous to use words like 'faggot' and 'homo' when talking about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community." That will clearly make the thug-rapper think twice, huh?

In true P.C. fashion, GLAAD trotted out their "People of Color Media Manager," a lady named C. Riley Snorton, to offer an olive branch to the thug: "We applaud his honesty in talking about the murder of his bisexual mother and appreciate his acknowledgment that he is not comfortable with gay people," said Ms. Snorton. "We know that confronting homophobia can indeed be uncomfortable. But honesty is always the first step in overcoming the desire to judge those who are different than us and in overcoming prejudice."

Snorton even strangely invited the rapper to party with her at GLAAD's annual media awards, so he can "get to know the LGBT community, and we are fully confident that in doing so he will find that he has more in common with us than he thinks."

Just as NOW couldn't get really outraged at charges that Bill Clinton may have raped a woman, so, too, can GLAAD not get its "homophobia" outrage going when the offender is not some uptight religious conservative.

Reporter Susan Jones of noticed that GLAAD didn't exactly offer equally tender treatment for talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger, who didn't pepper her talk shows with words like "faggot." (The "hateful" words she used were "deviant" and "disorder.") But Dr. Laura was not a hero to aspiring gangsters and MTV addicts, so GLAAD waged war on her for years, even claiming victory for destroying her attempt at a TV talk show. When it flopped, they declared, "GLAAD hopes the cancellation of 'Dr. Laura' will make media corporations think twice about giving a platform to someone who promotes derision and exclusion. Such decisions will never go unchallenged."

But if the "defamation" police aim to ruin any media corporation who "promotes derision and exclusion," why go soft on 50 Cent and Interscope Records?

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