Monday, March 29, 2004


As a conservative, I am concerned with the true, not the new. Novelty as such is of no value. Nor is change as such. `Progressives' take note. Thus I will be saying some highly unoriginal things. But they need to be said and emphasized in an age in which the forces of stupefaction threaten to bury the obvious under a crapload of political correctness.

A good rant from the same source:

I understand that a bill to prevent `obesity suits' against restaurants has passed. Good news, no doubt. But what ought to disturb people is that any such law is needed in the first place. What kind of moral defective blames a restaurant for his voluntary overindulgence? What sort of venal lawyer brings a suit like this? What manner of boneheaded judge allows it to be heard? The liberal assault on common sense and individual responsibility must be stopped.

From The Independent Philosopher

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