Thursday, December 04, 2003


From Opinion Journal

“If you think political correctness has gone mad in America, consider this story from England: "A prison officer was sacked for making an allegedly insulting remark about Osama bin Laden two months after the September 11 attacks," London's Daily Telegraph reports.

It seems Colin Rose "threw some keys into a metal chute at the prison gatehouse. When someone said it sounded as if he had thrown them so hard that they were going through the tray at the bottom of the chute, Mr Rose said: 'There's a photo of Osama bin Laden there.' "

Another prison officer "told him to be quiet because two Asian women wearing headscarves and an Asian man were at the window of the gatehouse. The investigation never discovered whether the visitors heard the comment." "I took offence at the comment," assistant governor Andrew Rogers told a tribunal hearing Rose's appeal of his dismissal. "If the visitors had heard the comment, they might have taken offence, too." Seems to us Rogers is the one who should be sacked for bigotry, since he apparently thinks all Muslims are terrorist sympathizers.”

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