Friday, July 11, 2003


Conservative Irish blogger, Right-Wing Analysis, has this in his post of 10th:

An article has been published in the Irish Times that is so staggeringly politically-correct that I just have to ridicule it. In it, Richard Adams condemns the Harry Potter books as a "political bandwagon". Harry Potter, he declares, is a Conservative. "A paternalistic, One-Nation Tory, perhaps, but a Tory nonetheless" (Honestly, this is serious). He also points out that Rowling is a honorary member of the British Weights and Measurments Society, one of her fellow members being Norris McWhirter "once a friend of apartheid". Ah yes, that familiar smear, guilt by association, and how unsuprising to hear it used by a liberal like this one.

Association is not the only crime in his books, however, so is omission of minority practises. "Hogwarts celeberates Christmas and Halloween, but there are no feasts for Rosh Hashnash and Diwali" For God's sake, it's a book written by a Western Christian for a Western Christian audience. If someone complained about an author of childrens book in, say, India, not including enough references to Christian practises, no doubt he would spout indignance from his imaginary high moral ground.

Worse to come, however. JK Rowling, he states, is committed to the traditional family, as if this were comparable to cannabilism or child-sacrifice

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