Tuesday, July 15, 2003


A reader writes:

Miranda Devine has a shot at Germaine Greer over her politically correct leftist brand of paedophilia. Greer is of course merely reviving the child sexuality mumbo jumbo of the 1970s left. PP McGuinness noted this strange lapse of historical memory from modern leftists.

Georgia Lewis says Germaine is really something of a "literati shock jock" digging and ferreting around the bottom of the barrel to keep the stocks of Greer Inc. up.

At least Greer is no brainless P.C. robot. Way back in 1989 she wrote an article called "Why Sex Change is a lie" that upset the transexual lobby. Of course Greer's apparent visceral rejection of trannies, if repeated by social conservatives today would be condemned as homophobia.”

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