Thursday, July 10, 2003


An Australian article blasts feminist political correctness by giving extensive evidence that it is boys, not girls, who have been disadvantaged in our school systems for a long time. A few excerpts:

It was known back in 1975 during the tenure of the Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools that boys outnumbered girls 4: 1 among students requiring remediation in basic literacy skills.

It was quite contrary to the feminist mindset of the members of the main Committee to have any recommendation that benefitted boys, or indeed to allow any hint that it was not females who were the victims of an oppressive patriarchal system that kept women in servitude. Showing that girls had superior literacy skills and a 15% higher success rate in HSC exams would have blown the feminist mythology to smithereens.

The problem with boys and education seems to occur in all English-speaking democracies. In the USA, African-American women are in universities at double the number of African-American men. Males who are functionally illiterate and unemployed become alienated from society and are very vulnerable to being involved in crime and other anti-social behaviours.

Women, even poorly educated women, always have a biological role. recognized by society, as mothers. We deprive men of their earner-provider role at our peril.

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