Monday, July 21, 2003


Cruelty towards animals by Australia’s blacks is SO correct that the animals cannot even be protected against them. And NOBODY thinks of prosecuting the brain-dead black youths concerned. Warning: Nasty picture on this site. Excerpt:

THE State Government has refused to intervene in what has been described as Queensland's worst case of mass animal cruelty.

Hundreds of wild horses on Palm Island, 65km off north Queensland, have endured torture, beatings and starvation but RSPCA inspectors say the Department of Primary Industries has "washed its hands" of the issue.

In response to horrific photographic and anecdotal evidence of gruesome stabbings, beatings and burning of horses by teenage gangs, Primary Industries Minister Henry Palaszczuk said the department would finance a "Help an Animal Smile" education program. Inspectors are outraged. They are also frustrated they have been refused government help to remove the tortured animals and prosecute the offenders.

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