Monday, July 07, 2003


"I think that drastic actions are necessary to protect our nation. I think that we should immediately put a moratorium on all immigration. We should only allow people to enter our country if they have a United States citizen as a sponsor, and if both people pass an extensive background check. We should let few, if any immigrants and visitors in from countries that are known to sponsor terror. We must clamp down on our borders, with troops and fences; illegal immigration must be stopped.

In today's politically correct atmosphere, my views on immigration must seem extreme. They should not; not only is regulating immigration essential to keep our enemies out during times of war, but regulations like these used to be the norm. When my ancestors came here from Ireland, Scotland, England, France and Germany, they did so legally. They came on ships, to specific immigration centers. There, they were screened for diseases, criminal backgrounds and malevolent ideologies. Those carrying diseases, and those whose loyalties were questionable (especially anarchists) were turned away or quarantined. The majority of those refused entrance for disease died, and many of the anarchists and criminals returned to prisons. America is a nation of immigrants, but not a nation of enemies. Our motto is "Out of many, one," not "out of many, a bunch of terrorists, predators and parasites seeking to destroy our nation." Somewhere in recent years our legislators have signed a national suicide pact on our behalf by proclaiming diversity to be more important than sovereignty and common sense."

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